Frankenstein Puns

These funny Frankenstein puns will leave you in stitches!

How does Frankenstein jump-start his day?
With a shock of lighting.
What monster plays the most April Fool’s jokes?
What happened when the ice monster had a furious row with Frankenstein?
He gave him the cold shoulder!
Why did Frankenstein’s monster give up boxing?
Because he didn’t want to spoil his looks.
Which musical group did Frankenstein not like at all?
The Village People.
Frankenstein’s monster was really worried one day.
“Pull yourself together”, said Frankenstein.
Why is Frankenstein such good fun?
Because he soon has you in stitches.
I love making new friends.
That’s why I studied under Dr. Frankenstein.
What did one of Frankenstein’s ears say to the other?
I didn’t know we lived on the same block.
What’s Frankenstein’s favorite food?
Why did Frankenstein’s monster go to a psychiatrist?
He thought he had a screw loose.
Who brings the monsters their babies?
How did Dr. Frankenstein pay the men who built his monster?
On a piece rate.
What was the inscription on the tomb of Frankenstein’s monster?
What happened when Frankenstein’s monster first met his girlfriend?
It was love at first fright.
Why didn’t Dr. Frankenstein ever make a second monster?
Because he just didn’t have the guts to do it again.
What should you do when you see Frankenstein walking towards you?
Make a bolt for it.
What tree monster prowls the forest?
What do you call it when Dr. Frankenstein makes tea?
A monstrositea.
Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?
His ghoul friend.
Why doesn’t Frankenstein go on airplanes?
He can’t get past the airport metal detector.
What did Frankenstein say when he was struck by lightning?
Great! A jolt to the bolt!
How does Frankenstein eat his dinner?
He bolts it down.
How did Frankenstein know Jesus was coming for a visit?
He used his frankincense.
Who will Frankenstein’s monster take to the dance?
Any old girl he can dig up.
Was there a spark between Frankenstein and his bride?
Yes, he simply couldn’t resistor.
Why did Dr. Frankenstein hire Igor as his assistant?
He had a hunch about him.
What happened when Dr. Frankenstein swallowed some uranium?
He got atomic ache.
Did you know Doctor Frankenstein used to be a lonely, lonely man?
Then he learned how to make friends.
What did Dr. Frankenstein say when Pinocchio’s nose grew?
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