Witch Puns

These hilarious witch puns are eerie-sistable!

Who does a witch call for help with computer problems?
Hex Support!
What is the difference between a deer running away and a small witch?
One is a hunted stag and one is a stunted hag!
Please wait, bewitcha in a minute.
What do you call a witch who drives badly?
A road hag.
What do you call witches who live together?
What do you call it when witches are optimistic about the future?
Witchful thinking.
What goes ‘Cackle, cackle, cackle, bonk’?
A witch laughing her head off.
I’ve found that dressing up like this has truly been an en-witching experience.
How do you get rid of a witch’s hex?
Draw a hex-a-gone.
How did the witch feel about using her broom to do housework?
She bristled at the suggestion!
What did the lost witch ask the wizard?
- Witch way to the Halloween party?
What kind of noise does a witch’s vehicle make?
Brrrroooom, brrroooom.
What did the tired witch do?
She sat down for a spell.
How do old witches get good bargains?
They hag-gle.
What did the witch say to people who visited her house?
Come sit for a spell!
What do a witch and a candle have in common?
They're both wicked.
Witches always fly on broomsticks because they want to make a clean getaway.
Who cast the spell of sleep on Dorothy? It was the wicked witch of rest.
Why did the witch's team lose the cricket game?
Their bats flew away.
What do you call a fast broomstick?
A vroom-stick.
What is a witch's favorite ride at the fair?
A scary-go-round.
Can’t take my eyes off of her brewtiful face.
Why did the witch stay in a hotel during her travels?
She heard they had great broom service.
Why did the witch fall off her broom mid-flight?
She had a fainting spell!
Why are witches good at farming?
Because they love occult-ivation.
Why couldn't the little witch read her spellbook?
It was written in curse-ive.
What kind of jewelry do witches wear?
Charm bracelets.
Why is the air so clean and healthy on Halloween?
The witches sweep the sky.
Why do witches fly on broomsticks?
Because vacuum cleaner cords aren’t long enough.
What did the angry witch do after sitting on her broomstick?
She flew off the handle.
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