Ghoul Puns

If we may say so ourselves, these puns are pretty ghoul!

Why did the ghoul eat a light bulb?
Because it wanted a light snack!
What did the ghoul say to the clown on Halloween?
Tag, you’re it!
What did the grandfather ghoul say to his grandson?
You gruesome!
What do ghouls say to each other before heading out for Halloween?
May the ghouls be with you!
What is a ghoul’s favorite snack food?
Ghoul scout cookies!
Which monster did the three bears catch sleeping?
What kind of hotdogs do ghouls like best?
What does a monster wear when it rains?
His ghoul-oshes!
What do you say when you see a stunned ghostbuster catch a ghoul?
He's a little confused but he's got the spirit.
How do ghouls like their meals?
Absolutely terrified!
You know why vampires can raise ghouls?
Because they are neck romancers!
Why did the ghoul become green?
It was sick of eating brains!
Why did people stop going to the ghoul hospital?
They kept coming out dead!
What do ghouls love to eat?
Fettuccini Afraid-o!
What do ghouls drink?
How did the monster predict his future?
With the horror-scope!
What trees do ghouls like best?
Why was the ghoul so smart?
He always ate brain food!
Why did the mummy get a divorce?
His wife was a ghoul-digger who was just after his mummy.
What's the slogan for the New York Demon Chomping Advocacy Group?
Gobble the ghoul.
What do you do with a green ghoul?
Wait until it ripens!
Did you know that ghosts call their true love their ghoul-friend?
Why do ghouls like ice cream?
Because it’s ghoulilicous!
Who put the Howl in Halloween?
Not ghouls just the people they ate!
What’s a ghoul’s favorite Beatles song?
The Ghoul on the Hill!
What kind of chocolate do ghouls like?
How do ghouls sign off a letter?
Best witches and worm regards.
What online search engine do spooky monsters use?
What is a ghost's favorite place to work?
What do ghouls and goblins put on their nachos?
Ghost peppers.
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