Giant Puns

Here's you'll find many puntastic jokes about giants!

Why did the Green Giant lay down in the field?
So he could Rest in Peas.
When a big giant eel takes your hand for a meal...
...that’s a moray.
What did the giant say to Jack when he caught him sneaking around his castle?
"Have you bean stalking me?"
Why is the giant afraid of Jack?
Because Jack's beanstalking him.
How do you talk to giants?
Use big words!
Heard a rumor of a giant butterfly in London. Probably just an urban moth.
I used to fear giants.
Now I look up to them.
A man has been arrested in South Africa for shooting a giant chess set
What's wrong with those big game hunters?!
What is the fear of giants called?
I don’t care if all of the other giants see me as a big joke for filing a restraining order on a guy I’ve got 75 feet on.
Beanstalked is a serious matter.
There is a Giant Screwdriver attacking the city. Please seek shelter immediately. This is not a drill.
Where do you find giant snails?
At the end of a giant’s finger.
Did you hear about the giant who threw up?
It's all over town!
Why does it take so long to shave a giant sheep with normal-sized clippers?
Shear size.
A pirate I know likes clothes made by an Italian fashion giant...
He dresses in Argh-mani suits.
An Indonesian Giant stubbed his foot on a volcano...
- Did he Krakatoa?
Please stop making jokes about little people
How would you feel if a bunch of giants made jokes about you?
Did you see that movie about King Kong, the giant ape?
The plot was pretty bananas.
What does the iron-deficient giant say?
- Fi fo fum.
What did the giant say after he ate Fiji?
- I want Samoa!
A giant fly has attacked the local police...
Police have called the SWAT team.
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