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You need to be brave to face these weakness insults.

You're so weak, you got amnesia from a sheet of paper!
You're so weak, when you got hit by a pebble, you were knocked over!
Yo mama's so WEAK, when she sat down, she broke her hips!
You're so weak, you couldn't push an empty cart!
You're so weak, when he tried to stand up, he broke his legs!
You're so weak, when you got poked, you fell down!
You're so weak, you use pencils as dumbbells!
You're so weak, you will be crushed by a feather!
Yo mama's so WEAK, she was killed by a Nerf gun!
You're so weak, you couldn't lift an empty bag!
You're so weak, if you stretch, you will break your arms!
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