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Don't you dare mist reading these fog puns!

Many people think that when warm droplets of water in the air are rapidly cooled it forms fog.

But it’s actually a common mist-conception.
My wife asked me, “Did you fog up the bathroom mirror again?”
I said, “I don’t see myself doing that.”
What is fog's favorite drink? Mountain Dew
A good friend of mine fell into a vaporiser and died.

She is sadly mist.
Where does fog go to the bathroom?
Anywhere it wants.
I recently got offered a job studying fog but I turned it down.

Looking back, I now think it was a mist opportunity.
There’s an old oak near my house that’s always surrounded by fog.

I don’t know why, it’s a mist tree.
I’ve never understood fog machines.

They mystify me to this day.
A guy just walked into my store and bought a bunch of fog machines so I called the cops.

He must belong to an extreme mist organization.
I got lost in the mist today.

I didn’t have the foggiest idea where I was.
I thought I saw some fog yesterday.

But I guess my memory’s a little cloudy.
I tried to catch the fog.

But I mist.
What did one cloud of fog say to the other?

I don’t know. It’s a mistery.
What do you call it when two people make a baby in fog?

A mist conception.
My glasses may be fogged up, but don’t worry I’ll be fine.

I’m optimistic!
It was pretty foggy outside today.

I shot an arrow in the air, and it stuck.
RIP boiled water.

You will be mist.
Why was fog kicked off the football team? He mist a field goal.
What did fog do to make the captain angry? He mist the boat.
I tried playing baseball in the fog today.

It was a bit hit and mist.
What do you call a negative fog?

A pessimist.
What do you call it when you boil a water buffalo?

A mist steak.
I over boiled some venison broth earlier.

It was deerly mist.
I mist say, this is a pretty bad joke, but it haze potential.
Because it was so foggy at my father’s funeral, he was buried in the wrong plot.

It was a grave mist-stake.
What’s a bigamist?

It’s what Italians call a thick fog.
What do you call an English rock band playing in the mist? Foghat.
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