You finally found enough brains to get to our Brain Puns Collection! These are meaty and will definitely make you think!

Where do brains go for vacation in Massachusetts?
Braintree, MA
There's a microchip you can transplant into your brain to boost your memory
You should keep that in mind.
Why can't a brain be 12 inches long?
Becuase then it would be a foot.
What did the Hollywood film director say to the young neuron that wanted to be an actor?
"Hey kid, you've got potential."
What do neurons do on their birthdays?
They cell-ebrate
What do you get when you cross a thought with a light bulb?
A bright idea.
What did the angry brain say to the nociceptor?
"You're a real pain."
What does a zombie say as he squishes your brains between his fingers?
Got your knows.
What street does the hippocampus live on?
Memory lane.
Why didn't the brain want to take a bath?
What reassuring advice did the meninges give to the brain?
"Don't worry, I've got you covered."
Where are neurons put in jail when they commit a crime?
A nerve cell.
What is a neuroscientist's favorite type of dog?
A labratory retriever.
The real reason humans have wrinkly brains?
We've been in the gene pool too long.
Which cranial nerve would be right at home in a well-known city in Nevada?
The vagus nerve.
What did the mother brain say to her oldest child when it was bothering her youngest child?
It didn't want to get brain-washed.
What is a good pick-up line an axon terminal can use on a dendrite?
"Let's connect."
An action potential takes the train to school. What is the name of the train station where it gets off for school?
Axon terminal.
What happens if you break the brain scanner?
What type of photos do neurons post to Facebook?
What happens when a neurotransmitter falls in love with a receptor?
You get a binding relationship.
Why does the spinal cord belong in the brass section of an orchestra?
Because of its dorsal and ventral horns.
What is a brain's favorite kind of boat?
A cranial blood vessel.
I was doing brain surgery to a patient the other day
He was rather open-minded if you ask me.
Why are fish so smart?
They spend a lot of time in schools.
What did the right hemisphere say to the left hemisphere when they could not agree on anything?
Let's split.
What is the brain's favorite television channel?
The Neural Network.
When does a brain get afraid?
When it loses its nerve.
How do you decide whether to be a Brain Surgeon or a Novelist?
You flip a coin. It’ll land on heads or tales.
Why did the brain go into a group of trees to sleep?
For rest. (forest)
Why was the neuron sent to the principal's office?
It had trouble controlling its impulses.