We're throbbing with excitement, eager to show you our hilarious Heart Puns!

Are you a locksmith? Because you hold the key to my heart.
Scientist are shocked after discovery of a new african bee species that can keep on flying even after their heart stops.
Local tribes in fear of a zombee apocalypse
You’ve stolen my heart. I hereby place you under cardiac arrest.
When my girlfriend told me she needed time and distance, my heart almost stopped,
Fortunately, she was just calculating velocity.
How did the cardiologist figure out what she wanted to do with her life?
She just followed her heart.
Why didn’t the skeleton feel like patching up his broken ribcage?
His heart wasn’t in it.
What happened to the patient who refused to get a much-needed transplant?
He had a change of heart.
I gave my heart to a girl from Great Britain.
She turns around and Brexit into a million pieces.
My mate Gavin passed away from heartburn last week.
Still can’t believe Gaviscon
What kind of car did the heart surgeon drive to work?
A beater.
A surgeon was about to perform heart surgery when he received notice that the replacement was delivered to his house!
Home is where the heart is.
What do you call an Irish dancer having a heart attack?
Michael flatline.
Grandpa: “Don’t scare me, I’m a heart patient.”
“If you scare me, I’ll never talk to you again.”
Which alphabet gang strikes fear in the hearts of the other letters?
I Q U.
“I told you Doc!! I’ve got fatigue and my heart keeps skipping a beat! Why do you keep calling me a liar??
Doctor: “Sir, I’ll say it again, that’s A Fib!”
You wanna know the way to my heart?
A scalpel and a bone saw.
The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts had a rental agreement
A lease in Wonderland.
My dad has the heart of a lion...
and a lifetime ban from the zoo.
What did the vampire say to the vampire hunter that missed his heart.
Well wasnt that an unfortunate missed-stake.
A golfer had a heart attack and died on the way to the hospital. He was on a fairway to heaven.
You’re so beautiful, I can heartly believe my eyes.
I just found out that my son got a tattoo of spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs on his arm.
I might have to deal with him later.
My local pizza place is selling heart shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day
I find it to be a bit cheesy.
What do you call it when you try to woo someone with 50% of a Valentine?
A halfhearted attempt.
I have a heart-on for you.
Someone asked me to sing a line from "Don't go breaking my heart"
I couldn't if I tried.
You’re my heartthrob.
What’s the best tool to have when your heart sinks?
A Jack of Hearts.
Nurse: Here’s our list of donor hearts and livers in alphabetical order.
Doctor: wow. Looks very ORGANized.
Why did the little girl color her paper heart pink rather than red?
She was feeling lighthearted.