We've got an ARMY of Arm Puns for you!

Started reading a book called “The Pirate’s Wrist”
I’m hooked.
I lost my wrist watch somewhere near my house.
Now it’s the neighborhood watch.
A fly fell down out of nowhere on my wrist
It died on my watch.
I had to give an impromptu speech on a piece of cloth that encircles the wrist...
I spoke off the cuff on the cuff.
My wrists hurt whenever I drive to work with my co-workers and we go through a tunnel.
I think it's carpool tunnel syndrome.
Sigmund Freud used to always wear a piece of jewelry on his wrist...
It was an id bracelet.
Girlfriend was working on the motorcycle with me the other day...
She exclaimed "God! This is ridiculous. I need, like, four arms to do this!".

To which I replied "but honey, you DO have forearms!"
It's better to amputate at the shoulder,
Its twice as much work to cut off forearms.
Asked my son what his favourite thing about Popeye was.
He said, "Forearms."

I said, "No, he only has two."
No! You can't force me to shave my forearms!
I have a right to bear arms!
A mime in our town was arrested yesterday after he got into a bar fight and broke his left arm.
He still has the right to remain silent.
Cutting my arms was the best descision I've ever made
Hands down.
Today, my arm got pinned between my wife's chest and the chair.
It was booby trapped.
I'm going to get the numbers 1 through 30 tattooed up my arm.
That way people can always count on me.
What has four legs and an arm?
A happy pitbull.
I just found out that my son got a tattoo of spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs on his arm.
I might have to deal with him later.
What do you call two guys with no arms and no legs and hang on the wall?
Curt 'n Rod.
I know a guy who had both arms amputated from elbow to shoulder.
He is always serious and never humerus.
What do you call a group of arms?
An army.
A man walks into a bar with a chunk of asphalt under his arm.
He goes up to the bartender and says "A drink please and another for the road."
Did you hear about the poker player who lost his arm and got a prosthetic replacement?
He’s finding it hard to deal with.
What do you call a t-shirt with cut off arms?
An amputee.
Doctor Doctor I've broken my arm in four places.
Docter: Well stop going to those 4 places then!
I'd give me right arm to be ambidextrous!
What do you call a toddler running towards their mother with arms high up in the air?
A quick pick-me-up.
I’m directing a play about a boy who broke his arm.
You should see the cast.
The Genie granted my wish for longer arms, but he warned me My wish would have far reaching consequences.
Have you heard of the story about the campanologist without arms?
Doesn't ring a bell.
A person without arms and a knife in their mouth is still technically armed,
but only to the teeth.
I'm glad I have my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
Otherwise, I'd have been amputated at birth.