Spine Puns

After you get in this category, there's no getting back!

My dad just told me something that sent a chill down my spine.
He said, “I’m turning off the heating.”
What do you call an alligator showing off his spine flexibility on the internet?
E-Reptile Disc Function
I tried making a machine that shoots bullets out of your fingers, but it shot out my spine instead.
Well, that back fired.
A man with spine cancer walks up to his friend
His friend notices that the man is holding his back while walking up to him
His friend asks "What's wrong?".
The man says "My back is killing me".
One day, I looked to my spine and said
Thanks for all the support! Thanks to you we've grown to new heights.
I didn't think the doctor would fix the curve in my spine
But now I stand corrected.
I like to reminisce about the surgeon who removed my spine.
Really takes me back.
Two spines are running up the hill as a hedgehog passes by them
Then one spine turns and says to the other “we missed the bus!!”
Stay away from Gmail if you don't want to get shivers down your spine
There's clearly a draft in there.
I think I'm getting curvature of the spine...
I haven't seen a doctor yet, it's just a hunch.
I went to the hospital for chest pains but the doctor kept inspecting my spine.
This place is back wards.
What do you call two spine bones that are friends?
What is a profession involving spine realignment in Egypt?
A Cairo-practor.
My skeleton girlfriend dumped me the other day. She had the hottest spine I have ever seen.
I just want her back.
I broke my spine in an accident last year. Had a life saving operation to fix my neck which permanently locked my head in place.
Since then I've never looked back.
I think my back hurts. I'm okay though.
It's spine.
What do you call a person missing 75%, of their spine?
A quarterback.
The head surgeon shouted at me for accidentally severing the patient's spine.
I think I struck a nerve.
While browsing the bookshop, I stuck a sheet of A4 paper to my wife's spine.
She said she wanted a paperback for her birthday.
What is it called when a tree has spine problems?
What’s it called your backpack messes up your spine?
Schooliosis !
I think I'm going to remove my spine.
It's only holding me back.
I surprised my friend as she was trying to steal another spine from a corpse...
She was takin' a back when taken aback!
What human body part is long, hard, bendable, and contains the letters p,e,n,i,s?
Your spine.
Does anybody remember the joke I posted about my spine?
It was about a weak back.
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