If you have a dirty mind and a love for word games - You've come to the right category!

What did one saggy tit say to the other saggy tit? If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts.
How do you make a pool table laugh? Tickle its balls
French people don’t masturbate...
They jacques off.
What do you call a dick pick when it’s printed out?
A hard copy.
I wouldn’t say it’s easy living with erectile dysfunction.
But it’s not hard.
What are porn stars paid?
What do you call a Chinese rapist? Rai Ping Yu
What do you call hooker that likes it in her as*? a crack whore
How do you spot a blind man at a nude beach?
It's not Hard.
Why doesn't Santa have any kids? He only comes once a year.
What do a gynecologist and a pizza boy have in common?
They can smell it but they cant eat it!
What did the moose say after leaving the gay bar? Man, I blew like 50 bucks in there. What's the best part of gardening? Getting down and dirty with my hoes.
What do you call it when a boy and girl make love for the first time? Cumming of Age.
Last night I dreamed that my town’s water tower exploded.
It was a wet dream.
I got caught masturbating with a pickle.
I was Gherkin off.
It would be a lot easier to be a hard worker if my company didn't block access to porn sites on the internet.
Have you heard of the new movie called "Constipation"? It hasn't come out yet.
I decided to give up masturbating.
I haven't felt myself since.
What has 2 butts and kills people?
An assassin.
What do you get when you cross a turkey with a chicken? A clucking gobbler.
What do you call a persian that smokes pot? Harry Potter.
If a pink stork delivers girl babies and a blue stork delivers boy babies, what delivers no babies?
A swallow.
I'm sorry for taking your daughter's virginity
It won't happen again.
Masturbation should be considered a craft...
as it is 100% hand made.
Police have arrested a man for having se* with fruit, but they suspect a second perpetrator may still be at large.
The inspector released a statement saying "These people do tend to cum in pears."
I'm planning an orgy.
It's all coming together.
Why don't bunnies make noise when they have se*? Because they have cotton balls.
Two condoms are walking down the street...
They pass a gay bar and one condom says to the other "hey, do you wanna get shit-faced?"
Why was Han Solo so suspicious when he put his penis inside Princess Leia for the first time?

It was Luke warm.
The inventor of the sexual innuendo has sadly passed away...
His wife is taking it really hard.