Easter Puns

Happy Easter and welcome to our great holiday Easter Puns!

"Just don't carrot all."
They told me I was too old to hunt for Easter eggs, but the jokes on them!
I prefer mine poached.
"I'm so egg-cited, I just can't hide it."
Saw what I thought was a large dog coloring Easter eggs.
Turned out to be a dyer wolf.
Easter dinner was great today
We made sure it had all the crucifixins'.
"What an egg-citing day."
"You might not carrot all, but you're irresistible."
I went to an Easter party as a Jesus cosplayer
I told them I was a crossplayer.
I’ve been selected to hide eggs in my town’s big Easter festival next year!
This is an eggs-hiding opportunity!
"For peep's sake."
"Just looking on the sunny side."
"Beat it." — Michael Jackson, "Beat It"
How does the Easter bunny stay in shape?
Lots of eggs-ercise!
"An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare."
"You make me egg-static."
My son painted six Easter eggs the colors of the infinity gems.
I told him he made an Egg-finity omelette.
"We found eggs in a hopeless place."
"Just one hot chick."
"Oh, I wanna dance with some bunny, with some bunny who loves me."
"Over-easy like Sunday morning."
"Every bunny was kung fu fighting."
"Eggs-cuse me."
"Have an eggs-tra special Easter day."
"I'm dyeing to know what's up."
Why did the Easter bunny fire the duck?
He kept quacking all the eggs.
I made Chinese for Easter dinner
If I had made Japanese it would have been Eastest Dinner.
"Happy Easter to all my peeps."
"I whip my hare back and forth."
What is the Easter Bunny's favorite drinking game?
Hop Scotch.
Baking on Easter Sunday
Crust is risen! Hallelujah!
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