Welcome to the silky smooth rhythm of these Hair Puns.

I gave my wife a broken hair-dryer for her birthday
She wasn’t blown away.
If Satan ever lost his hair...
There would be hell toupee.
Why do bees have sticky hair?
Because they use honey combs!
My executive assistant has long hair.
I call him my mane man.
How does the moon cut his hair?
Eclipse it.
Another term for hair that's tied up in a bun is
a hairball
Some guy with cancer insulted my hair today.
Bald words for someone without it.
Why don’t orcas have hair?
They have whale pattern baldness.
My daughter asked me if I could put her hair in a bun. I said...
“I could but I think the baker might object”.
What kind of hair explodes?
A bald man walks into the Hair Club. “I’d like to buy a hair piece if the price is right.”
Hair Club Salesperson: “Well sir, how much do you want toupee?”
What’s orange with bad hair and hears ‘boo’ a lot?
A haunted pumpkin with a wig.
Several years ago, I lost all my hair. Yes, I'm bald. But, I still keep my comb. I bring it with me everywhere still.
I just can't part with it.
Daughter: Did you get a hair cut?
Dad: No sweetheart I got em all cut.
Where do sheep go to get their hair cut?
The baa-baa shop.
Why does Bruce Wayne have such fabulous hair?
He uses conditioner Gordon.
What does a funeral home hair stylist handle on a daily basis?
A brush with death
I grew facial hair without telling anyone.
It's my secret 'stache.
What do you call a group of guys waiting to get their hair cut?
A Barbecue.
How did Pavlov get such great hair?
He conditioned it.
When she saw her first strands of gray hair...
She thought she would dye.
My wife hates the colour of her hair...
She's dyeing to change it.
What do ghosts use to wash their hair?
I recently had my hair cut.
At first I didn’t like it but now it’s growing on me.
I told my son that I wash my hair with poo but I lied.
It’s not real poo, it’s a sham poo.
Someone put LSD in my hair gel
My hair has been spiked!
Coworker: Hey, I reallly like your hair! What's your secret?
Me: Thank-you! I don't get very many complements on it. Most people are gel-ous.