These Greece Puns are really slick...

If you don’t have a lot of figurines from Ancient Greek mythology, I can give you a mini tour.
Some people say Greece should stop using the euro as currency...
I think they're being over-drachmatic.
How do Greek gods say sorry to one another
"I Apollo-gise"
What did the prehistoric Greeks call their goddess of love?
An ancient Greek walks into his tailor’s shop with a pair of torn pants.
‘’Euripides’’ says the tailor. ‘’Yeah, Eumenides?’’ replies the man.
Brother: "My friend John is in Greece studying abroad."
My Dad: "What's her name?"
What is the capital of Greece?
I guess you can say my misunderstanding of Greek mythology has always been my Achilles
What do cows in Greece sound like?
They say µ.
What did Sophocles call his dating service in Ancient Greece?

Oedipal Arrangements.
In Ancient Greece, people who had beliefs contrary to the worship of Poseidon were executed for Heresea.
Did you know the first French fries weren't actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.
Have you seen the Greek book that became a movie? You odyssey it.
If Russia attacked Turkey from behind do you think Greece would help?
Who is the most famous actor in Greece ?
John Travolta.
Why do people in Greece not wake up until noon?
Because Dawn is tough on greece.
What's the name of the machine the ancient greeks used to calculate how best to fight hybrid monsters?
The antichimera mechanism.
What sound does a Greek cow make?
I'll be making a movie about the Greek alphabets.
It's a Psi Phi film.
What happens when Greeks come back from war?
They get a gyro’s welcome.
I've been dying to go to Greece on vacation.
But all they serve is bar food.
Son: "Dad, why'd you name me Odysseus? He's from greek mythology."
Dad: "Well son, you broke through the trojan wall."
I was at a thrift store and the guy ahead of me was purchasing an antique urn made in Greece
He asked the cashier if she knew how much a Greek urns.
What's the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?
Greek yogurt has a rich cultural history.
How did citizens of Ancient Greece measure land for crops?
By Demeter.
Historians have discovered a new Greek God who didn’t excel at anything.
His name was mediocretese.
What do you call the Greek version of Spider-Man?
Pita Parker.
What do you call a Greek love song?
An Aphro-ditty.
What does a Greek God say when they answer the phone?
Which ancient Greek Philosopher had a foot fetish?
Or was it Sock-rates?