Welcome to Spain Puns!

Did you hear about the famous Spanish streaker?
Senor Willy.
Vasco de Balboa told the Queen of Spain, “I discovered a large body of water on my journey.”
She said, “Could you be a little more pacific?”
What do Spanish speaking people prefer to travel in groups of 2 or 4?
No tres-passing.
What do Spanish phantoms say when they like something?
me ghosta.
My collection of Swiss watches was stolen in Spain.
Adios Omegas.
I heard the King of spain caught Covid...
Heard he tested positive while on his plane going somewhere, now he has to quarantine there.

So the Reign in Spain remains solely on the Plane.
Where do recluses live in Spain?
What do you call a sneezing big foot in Spanish?
Where do folks from Bilbao, Spain buy outdoor equipment?
The Basque Pro Shop.
What did the Spanish fireman call his two sons?
José and Hose-B.
I asked my buddy if he wanted to know what the word “the” was in Spanish. He expressed his disinterest and I responded with...
"Your los."
What do you call four Spanish guys in a capsized boat?
Quatro sinko.
You heard about the Spanish woman that is now a man?
He’s called Senor Rita.
How come there are no automatic cars in Spain?
They’re all Manuel.
My 4-year-old son has been learning Spanish all year and he still can't say the word, please.
which I think is poor for four.
It’s lonely between Germany and Spain
Not many France, nobody’s Nice to me, everyone seems to be Lyon. It’s just Eiffel.
What do you call an elderly Spanish man?
A senõr citizen.
How do you leave any building in Spain?
You "follow salida lida lida..."
I visited Spain and couldn't stop looking at the architecture
It was very Moorish.
Did you hear about the watchmaker who is half Spanish and half Irish?
His name is Juan O'Clock.
My son asked today “ Dad, are people in Spain cannibals?”
I answered “Why would you think that?”

He said “Well, my teacher said they mostly live off of tourists there.”
In Spain, you should not develop a program beyond 2.0.
Because that would be over dos.
I used to live in in Aragon, in Spain.
Then I left.
I'm Aragone.
So I asked my Spanish friend if he knew where fish lived.
He said "Si."
What is the call of a Spanish speaking owl?
I asked my Spanish girlfriend to make a to-do list
so she wrote down everything.
What do you call a hangover when you're alone in Spain?
What do you call a rental car in Spain?
A Barceloaner.
My boss brought bagels for breakfast and asked me which one I wanted. I said "give me one of the Spanish bagels". He responded " One of the Spanish Bagels?"
"Ay poppy."
I went to Spain to attend the Running of the Bulls, but when I arrived, there was nothing there but cows with fake horns attached.
I was in shambles.