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I’ll try to keep it brief, but I have so much to Marseilles about France.
French guy goes into a bar with a frog on his head
The bartender asks “where’d you get that?” And the frog says “in France. There’s loads of them.”
Can I be Candide with you?
So you live in the seventh most populous city in France?
Must be Nice.
We Rodin a taxi around the city after dark.
Did you hear about the Frenchman who jumped into the river in Paris?
He was declared to be in Seine.
There’s so much to do here so I’m never Bordeaux-ed.
I tripped in France.
Eiffel over.
I always feel like a winner in France, which is great because I hate Toulouse.
Did you hear of the new disease going through France?
I've heard it was a Paris-ite.
Why should you never eat the fish in France?
Because it's poisson.
I read Reims of info before I got here, but nothing can prepare you for how beautiful this place is.
French history is nothing to Lafayette at.
I love a good shindig. Just call me Napoleon Bonapart-y.
What does the Tour de France and Amsterdam have in common?
They both have a bunch of people on drugs riding around on bikes.
What’s Austrian and took over France?
How do you Charlemange-age to get through the last few days before vacation?
I hate to Gauguin, but I have to catch my flight.
Why is the French Prime Minister never seen in the morning?
Becasue he is pm not am!
Whilst holidaying in France I saw a group of mushrooms performing Queen covers.
I said 'You're brilliant, what's the band called?'
They replied 'We are the Champignons."
France – it’s just a oui bit different!
I’m in love with France, and I ain’t Lyon.
It’s impossible to Rouen a trip to France.
France is beautiful in every Cezanne.
Don’t make such a Dreyfus about it.
What’s the capital of France?
The F.
What happens when you go to the bathroom in France?
German tourist visits France.
Guy at the Airport: "Nationality?"

German Dude: "German".

Airport Guy: "Occupation?"

German Dude: "Nein, nein, Only Vacation".
Living in france must be hard
I mean, 100 dollars is only a cent.
Why is research more trustworthy if it comes from France?
It's Pierre-reviewed.
I’ve loved my vacation in France, but it’s time to Hugo.
What is the most popular flower in France?
French people give me the crepes.
I guess I’m going to France
Because I have nothing Toulouse.
What's in the middle of Paris?

French, French Revolution
Which city in France is the nicest?
French fries aren’t cooked in France
They’re cooked in greece.
Are these pants too tight in the Balzac?
From up here, I Cannes see the whole French Riviera!
It's only quarantine if it comes from the quarantine region of France;
otherwise, it's just sparkling isolation.
What do France and a pigeon have in common?
Every 5 minutes, there is a coo.
What are stepfathers called in France?
Faux pas.
I’m in such a Henri to get to France!
Don’t come to France without any Monet.
What does a frog in Paris eat?
French Flies.
It’s a beautiful Degas!
I used to be a personal driver in France
But now I have nothing to chauffeur it.
What is a female "Douchebag" in France called??
A douche-baguette.
So I went to France and bought a house made of bread
I guess you could say I'm living in pain.
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