Italy Puns

Welcome to best sauced puns in our country puns!

Did you hear ISIS is spreading to Italy?
Nobody's concerned though, since it's just Italian ISIS and they're delicious. Especially cherry flavor.
Why did Italy surrender in WW2?
Because Italics aren't bold.
How does Italy execute its criminals?
Half of Italy is complaining about the coronavirus and the other half is laughing not taking it seriously.
All they do is cheese and wine.
What speech did Abraham Lincoln give when he went to Italy?
The Spaghetties-burg Address.
What is the rough part of Italy called?
The spaghetto.
I saw this beautiful tower in Italy..
It was a Pisa art!
If you want to vacation in Italy, don't be afraid to Rome around.
"There's a woman trapped under a motorway bridge in Italy."
"I'm not sure, I can't see her face."
Why does it take so long for the EU to figure out how much Italy owes them every year?
Hey, ease up. Rome wasn't billed in a day.
My local Italian restaurant is moving to Italy
They are moving to greener pasta.
If I were to wander around in Italy...
Would I be roamin'?
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Italy
So it’s italicized!
What do you call a 1 cent coin in Italy?
A penne.
There's a new film out about two insects that meet in Italy.
It's Rome ants.
When I went to highschool in Italy my classmates were one year older than me.
I Skipped pasta grade.
A mummified macaroni pizza was uncovered in Italy today.
The man who uncovered it says "It's a pizza of our pasta."
I bought a 400 year-old chair from Italy,
but as soon as I sat on it, it baroque.
Took a tour of Pisa, Italy...
Tour guide said “Hello, my name is Eileen.”
I asked my Italian grandfather if the rougher parts of Italy were called the spaghetto.
His look was pasty.
What language do they speak in Italy
Times New Roman.
My son asked me what Micheal Jackson was doing in Italy
I told him he was "sight-heeheeing."
I'm a supervillain from Italy, I have the power to infect people with deadly diseases.
It’s-a-me, Malario.
Who holds sermons during Sunday in Italy?
The Pasta.
What do you call the generation of people that migrated from Italy?
‪This is the first year I’m not going to Italy because of the coronavirus. ‬ ‪
Normally I don’t go because I’m poor‬.
I checked my phone bill after my trip to Italy, and it said I spent DCXII dollars.
I must have left on Data Roman.
Building Inspectors should be stricter in Pisa, Italy.
Since they are a bit too *lean*ient.
Did you know there was a Jedi from Italy who was really strict about diets?
His name was Only One Cannoli.
Which is the coolest football team in Italy?
AC Milan.
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