Color Puns

These color puns will brighten your day.

What's the difference between a colorful women's garment and a famous live music venue?
One's a house of blues, the other's a blouse of hues.
Q. What did one artistic colored pencil say to another?
A. Bro, you are lookin' sharp today!
The garden where only white cars are driven can be called a garden of white carnation.
When the time came, he betrayed our team and showed his blue colors.
While the blues musician performed his most famous song, balloons of every color were released in the arena. Guess we may get to call it the 'House of Hues'.
A ship load of red paint crashed into a ship load of blue paint. The crews were marooned.
Did you hear about the color bomb?
Yeah it blue up.
Why are artists so temperamental? They have to get into the right frame of mind.
The fact that we were asked to leave our beautiful purple color house by the owner is still purplexing for me.
Cows get sad whenever they hear the songs of the pop band 'The Mooooo-dy Blues!'
Q. Which famous magician always wore a multi-color suit on stage?
A. Hue-dini.
Dark-colored huskies found in Colorado can also be termed as dusky huskies!
I was surprised that although I was supposed to be feeling blue, my heart was not that heavy. Perhaps, I am feeling light blue.
One should never mix oranges in apple juice. Well, perhaps you may do it once in a blue moon.
My dad and I saw this girl with a colorful backpack covered in pot leaves
He turned to me and said "thats a dope backpack". He is catching onto my slang.
The graphic designer's present company gave her a substantial raise while a rival company also gave a similar offer. I am now caught in hue minds!
The most notorious one of all pirates was very sad. It may have been because he was Bluebeard!
My sister was diagnosed as color blind. The revelation really came out of the blue.
Q: What do you do with unruly green kids?

A: Make them do limeout.
I had never seen a horse that white. Perhaps, that is why it is called a mayo-neighs.
Do black and white count as colors?
It's a gray area.
I went to a new kind of show yesterday, which was hosted by a color-changing lizard. He was a good stand-up chameleon.
Which color is the fastest?
Red, because it is always redy.
Did you hear about the colorful sea cow?
Oh the hue-manatee!!!
The painter did not want to sit idle because he knew that time white for no one.
When Papa red wanted to have some toppings on his bread, he told Son red, "Pass me the crimson!"
What do you call a chameleon that can't change colors?
A reptile dysfunction.
I red a joke about colors once. It blue my mind.
The coffee shop owner was afraid. He wanted to know if the shop had ground to operate in the black.
The favorite colors of fishes are deep blue and aquamarine blue.
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