Band Puns

If we had a band, we'd... probably not be very good.

Remember the band that did that rock cover of “walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles?
Why did the Turkey want to join a band?
Because it had drumsticks!
Want to start a Hula band that covers music by Poison.
Gonna call it Poi, Son.
What musical group do men join once they get married?
The Hus Band!
What is a garbage disposal’s favorite music group?
I recently met a musical group of pirates.
They called themselves A-Band-On-Ship.
Which heavy metal band is Santa's favourite?
I'm starting a music group that performs Classical Greek music.
I'm calling it Oedipal Arrangements.
My band only plays dog whistles.
You've probably never heard us.
Did you hear about the new Smashing Pumpkins cover band?
They call themselves Squished Squash!
What did the fans say to the band named after a famous chickpea spread?
Hummus a tune.
You ever heard the Stormtrooper band?
Probably not, they've never had a hit.
Did you hear the Islamic music group who covered "I've Got You Babe?"
Sunni and Shia.
People don't believe me when I tell them I'm the lead singer in a Black Eyed Peas tribute band....
Well I am.
Have you heard about the new band located in the north east of england?
They're called Durham Durham.
I found this amazing bluegrass band that does covers of 80s rock.
They call themselves Ban Jovi.
What do you call a group of orcas that play music?
An iPod.
Name a rock group where none of the members sings or plays music.
Mt. Rushmore!
Why can't redheads be in blues or jazz bands?
They got no soul.
My printer just told me it was joining a band.
Makes sense since it lives to jam.
I'm starting a death metal band for people with Celiac's Disease
We're called "Gluten for Punishment."
Which element is a member of famous rock band?
Have you guys heard of the musical group called Cellophane?
They mostly wrap.
I used to be the triangle player in a Jamaican band but I had to quit....
It was always just one ting after another.
What did the band Boston say in praise of the Sistine Chapel?
"It's more than a ceiling"
Which music group really embodied the fake it until you make it mantra?
The Pretenders.
What's an owl's favorite rock band?
The Who
What do you call a group of killer whales carrying musical instruments.
An orca-stra.
Have you heard of the band 1023MB?
They haven't got a gig yet.
I've started a new band called "Blanket'
We're a cover band
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