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A friend of mine told me he’d give me a radio that had no batteries. I think it’s a wind-up.
Newscaster Dad: And now, here is John with the weather.
Weatherman: It’s Jim, actually.
Newscaster: My apologies. Here’s John with the Jim.
My son told me, “The car manual says that I shouldn’t turn up the stereo to full volume.”
I said, “That’s sound advice.”
You know those silly hacker movies where they're hacking so hard they type on two keyboards at once?
Such blatant stereo-typing
Did you hear about the broadcasters in the aeroplane?
They're on air now
I listenend to the football game on the radio. It was being broadcast on a catholic satellite radio station.
So I tirned to my dad and said, "That's weird. Football isn't even that religious of a sport!"
My dad replied, "Nope. Lacrosse is!"
Why can't a Platypus be trusted on the radio?
Because they all have fowl mouths.
I heard Placebo on the radio. I actually thought it was The Cure.
What did the LEFT Stereo Speaker say to the RIGHT, as he was being taken away for repairs
I bought an old stereo.
My wife has her doubts, but I think it's a sound investment.
Why aren't high school twins afraid of getting mono?
Because they get stereo instead!
I hooked a stereo up to my recliner.
Now it's a rocking chair.
What do you call a fishing boat with a great stereo?
bass boat.
There was a fish who wanted to be a broadcaster...
Until he went on air.
What do you do to a female news anchor who breaks a leg?
You put her in a broadcast.
I bought my daughter into a radio...
She's not very e-static about it.
All my neighbours bought the same set of stereos...
When will they stop stereotyping?
I should change my name to Billy and get a job as a radio show presenter.
Then I can finally be a Billy-on-air.
All stereos are so typical.
What did the phone say to the radio when they met for a date?
This is AUXhilarating
I used to think that all radios had antennae, then I realized it was a stereo type.
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