Drum Puns

Beware going into the drum puns, there may be repercussions!

Drums - You can't beat 'em. Well, you have to, really.
I re-skinned my drums with the skin my faithful steed Chestnut. I want people to reflect on the emotional connection between man and beast through the art of drum solos.
But my wife says I'm just beating a dead horse.
What sound drum set from the junkyard makes?
My dad just told be a cool joke about drums
I thought I’d snare it with you guys
Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff...
Badum chhh
Don't you dare hit that drum again!
If you do, there will be repercussions!
A drummer got a tattoo of a drum kit on himself
It was very cymbalic.
What do you call it when there are two nuns in a drum circle?
a conundrum
I always put my money in drums
Because it’s a sound investment.
What did the drum say about his childhood?
Those were the cymbaler days.
I don't usually brag about my drum jokes but um...
A sheep, a drum and a snake fall down a cliff,
We caught the drummer of our band masturbating over his drum kit...
I guess the pervert thinks of them as s*x cymbals.
How do you trap a drum kit?
Use a snare
What happened when the drummer re-recorded his drum solo?
There were repercussions.
The best gift I ever got was a broken drum...
You can't beat it.
What do you call a police officer who plays the drums?
A beat cop.
Today, my pastor started talking to the drum set during his sermon.
Boy did I appreciate the cymbal-ism
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