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What did the laser weapon say to the atom bomb?
"OK boomer."
Fortune-teller was killed by a car bomb
Couldn’t foresee the C4.
When the first nuclear bomb was detonated all the neutrons were sad.
Because their parents had just split.
Have you heard about the guy who made a bomb out of a brain?
It was pretty mindblowing.
I got fired from the bomb disposal squad
Too bad, I had a blast working there.
What do you call a selfish bomb?
I saw a headline in the newspaper that said someone made a bomb out of nitrous oxide.
This is no laughing matter.
I wasn't wearing hearing protection when the atom bomb went off.
Now I am become deaf, destroyer of worlds.
"Do you know how long it takes for a bomb to explode?"
No, but dynamite!
What happened when Napoleon got killed with a bomb?
Napoleon Blownapart.
I like to tell this one joke about homemade bombs
But it always blows up in my face.
What did the pilot of the Enola Gay say before dropping the bomb ?
"Let me Atom."
If you ever have to defuse a bomb, never cut...
The Blew wire.
What do you call a Monkey with a bomb
A baboom.
A bomb goes of in a cheese shop.
You can see da brie everywhere.
How does a bomb choose not to go off?
It refuses.
Those soldiers thought they could blow up that submarine with their bomb...
but they needed to sea mine.
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