We really hope these puns float your boat!

What do sailors buy to customise the back of their ships?
Aft-ermarket parts!
Why don't they make boats out of peppers?
Because they're always capsaicin!
What do you call a boat full of high school graduates
A scholarship.
Help!!! There's nobody steering this yacht!!
Don't worry. It's on yachtopilot.
What do you call a big boat full of fish
A carp ark.
What do you call someone who owns a boat dealership?
A Sailsmen.
What do you call an imaginary yacht?
A dream boat.
What do you call a boat full of polite football players?
A good sportsman ship.
I love driving my car, makes me feel like I'm charge of a big boat
especially when it's on cruise control
What did the Bluetooth say as the ship went down?
"Help! We’re syncing!"
I was sailing my boat when a massive hand rose out of the water and then slowly disappeared...
I thought, 'That's the biggest wave I've ever seen!'
My friend sailed his yacht into the wharf very rapidly, crashing into the dock and causing a dent in the hull.
It's just a berth mark, he swears.
I’d like to buy a catamaran or a yacht.
I’d like to get the best of boat words.
I took my boat out to go fishing today. I looked over and saw my neighbor’s dock was parallel to mine.
I guess I found my self in a real “para-docks”
Why don't boats have funerals?
They have wakes.
If Kim Jong-un had a private yacht, it would be a dictator ship
What do you call a snail on a boat?
A snailor.
Who has the best place on a sailing ship?
The mast, because it has the pole-position.
My writer buddy went to buy a new boat...
He named it Penman-Ship.
Before my surgery my anaesthetist offered to knock me out with gas or a boat paddle.
It was an ether/oar situation.
Where does Google keep their ships?
In the Google Docs.
Why are big boats called "Yachts"?
Because they cost "Yachts of money".
My boat is starting to sink, I'm going to sell it.
See my boat listing in the paper.
Did you hear about the boat dock that committed murder?
He’s going to be judged by a jury of its piers.
I'm reading a book about a sadistic evil man who attaches ridges from boat hulls to his victims.
He's a mad keeler.
Mike Tyson bought a yacht and immediately wrecked it.
Who woulda thunk it?
What do you do when you miss the ferry?
Call a canoe-ber.
What do you call a boat in training?
An apprenticeship.
I'm Going to Host a Boat Race.
The winner will get pasta. It will be called the Penne Regatta.
I was surprised when I saw a boat in the driveway so I asked my wife about it.
She said there was a great sail.