Unicorn puns are a rare and pointed thing. There is only one place to find the very best of them - and it's right here!

Where do criminal unicorns sentenced to death go? They go on corn row.
What’s the best way to catch unicorns? Simple, by herding them all to one corner.
Even as unicorn parents, you always want to control the internet unless you want your foals checking
out uniporn all day.
Did you hear about the forgetful unicorn mom? She kept feeding her kids milk of amnesia.
When the chef asked which ingredients were missing in the signature dish, someone said quickly, ‘u-need-corn’.
What do you call an extremely disgusting unicorn that no one likes? An eeeww-nicorn.
I swear I saw one of those mythical creatures somewhere in the bush; but when I came back, it was uni-gone.
Did you know that unicorns live in New York City? I swear why do you think their called uNYCorns?
When the little unicorn got bullied at school, he told his pop-corn so he could do something about it.
Most unicorns start off as poor hunters until they can really horn their skills.
Did you hear the one about the genius unicorn who aced every subject? Yeah, he was a real A corn.
Unicorns deserve to be banned from facebook because all they do is poke people all day.
Why are unicorns considered to be among the most impatient mammals? They’re quick to get to the point.
Did you hear about the misguided unicorn lumberjack who was killing humans? He believed he was doing random axe of kindness.
I’ve heard of fraudsters before, but that was one heck of a unique-con if I ever saw one.
Why did all the unicorns crowd the new beauty parlour? They heard it was unisex.
No one could tame the unicorn. He was horn to be wild.
Would you call a guy who’s eating corn while riding a unicycle a unicorn on the cob?
When the unicorn lost his job, there was nothing funny about being canned corn anymore.
If man’s bet friend is a dog, would a unicorns best friend be a corn dog?
What do you call the dandruff found on unicorn manes? Horn flakes.
Just because your football team calls itself the unicorns doesn’t mean they can play in the corn field.
When my daughter said she saw some chubby unicorns at the zoo, I couldn’t believe it. But it turns out it was just rhinos.
Why did the rude unicorn not say hello to the other? Because while the pace (face) was familiar, he
just couldn’t remember the mane (name).
What did the unicorn tell the bag of beans? U-no-corn.
Why won’t you ever find a unicorn in the army? Because they don’t like wearing uniforms.
Uni-corn? I though that’s what you call a single grain or maize.
What do you call a small scoop of ice-cream? A uni-cone.
Did you hear about the misbehaving unicorn? Sure, but I never though that these creatures could get so horny.
Would you call a hardy unicorn that survived disease an immunicorn?