Spouse Puns

Jokes about husband, wife, and everything between them

Why didn’t my husband laugh at my awesome ice cream joke?
Because he was laughtose intolerant.
How do you tell others that your Israeli husband made coffee?
I took my wife out on a date to the ice rink, as entry was half price.
She called me a cheap skate.
I asked my husband to please press pause on the movie We were watching.
He called the dog over for the task, wanted to press his paws.
I told my husband I was excited to see who's nose our baby has on the ultrasound.
He said, "He can't have my nose, I need it!"
What did the wife mushroom say to her husband?
“You’re a fungi!”
My partner was always criticising my sense of direction... So I packed up and right!
I bought my missus an egg-beater for our wedding anniversary.
I knew she wanted me to whisk her away.
I didn't want to believe my husband was robbing golf courses...
But I couldn't ignore the red flags!
A bartender broke up with her boyfriend but he kept asking her for another shot.
I have a spouse in a different nation.
The Imagination.
What do you call a mathematician's spouse?
Their significant figure.
I rang the doctor on our way to the hospital, and said, "Quick! my pregnant wife is going into labor, what should I do?"
He said, "Is this her first child?"
I said, "Of course not, this is her husband!"
Daughter's boyfriend introduced himself to me and said "Hi sir I'm david, nice to meet you".
He put out his hand and I said "David are you nervous?" He said no, so I grabbed his hand looked him in the eyes and said...
"Then why are you shaking?"
We were having lunch with my wife's parents. Her father asked if she and I were still going to a concert later that night. He asked, "Are you guys going out?"
I said, "actually, we're married".
Spouses are like world wars.
You never refer to them as the "first" until there's a second.
My wife and I have the same shoes. I guess you could say we are solemates.
I told my husband I'd missed the bus.
He asked me what I was trying to hit it with.
I got a parking ticket today and my husband just laughed.
He thought it was a fine joke.
If the Hubble Telescope got married...
It would be called the Hubby Telescope.
After making love the other night, I told my husband that I love when the whispers sweet things in my ear...
So my hubby leaned in close and whispered... "Syrup."
My wife sent me an article about "sandpaper spouses..."
I told her she must be 2000 grit, 'cause she's FINE!
What does a cow call their spouse?
Significant udder.
What do you call a mosquito sitting on your spouse’s cheek?
A golden opportunity.
My fiance is kidding... She's due in 7 months!
My husband slapped a fly off the door and said 'Not on my watch!'
I told him "That's a door"
How did the pot head propose to their spouse?
Marriage, You wanna?
I met my husband while visiting the zoo. There he was, in his uniform...
straightaway I knew he was a keeper.
I told my wife she drew her eyebrows too high...
She looked surprised.
The fiance and I were looking at frames for our wedding photos. My wife couldn't take her eyes off the smaller one, but I wanted the larger one. So I told her,
"Honey, you need to look at the bigger picture."
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