Oral Hygiene Puns

Pearly white puns

My dentist said that my oral hygiene wasn't up to scratch, so she recommended me a new toothpaste.
Now all I need is a toothbrush.
My dentist pulled out the wrong tooth...
He said it was acci-dental.
What is the favourite toothpaste of the security guards of a mining company?
I was on the way to the gorcer when I remembered, I need to put toothpaste on the grocery list.
My dad said, "Don't do that! It'll be all messy!"
Have you heard about the new his & hers toothpaste?
The flavor is "mint to be".
Paleontologists found the world's oldest toothbrush.
They believe it came from the Flossiraptor.
Why doesn't the tooth fairy like dental instruments?
She finds them obtooth.
What do you call a dog’s back teeth?
Canine canines.
My dentist says I don't brush enough but hey-
We all have our floss.
I passed my dentistry tests with an A in my written paper.
In Oral, B.
How did dinosaurs clean their teeth?
With flossils.
My dentist asked me if I had any questions before he started.
I thought for a minute, then asked, "If oral hygiene is so important, why do you have plaque on your wall?"
I hate dentists.
Bad oral hygiene can cause so many bad things in your mouth, yet they tell you to brush it off.
Why did the tooth see a therapist?
To get to the root of their problems.
What’s that Nevada city where all the dentists visit?
Floss Vegas.
I asked my friend for a tube of toothpaste. He gave me the smallest tube I’ve ever seen.
Next time, I’ll ask for teethpaste.
When did the dentist develop tooth pain?
"Hey dad, my electric toothbrush is broken!"
"No son, it's just gone acoustic."
The world tongue-twister champion just got arrested.
I hear they're gonna give him a really tough sentence.
What do you call a tree without teeth?
A gumtree.
Why is it a bad idea to swallow toothpaste?
Because you’ll destroy your stomach cavity!
You're not allowed to eat teeth
It's for-bitten.
A thief stole my toothbrush.
It left a bad taste in my mouth.
What do you call a bear with no teeth?
Gummy Bear.
My wife says to me this morning "Our son's toothbrush is getting fraid"
I say "What's it so fraid of?"
Brace yourselves kids!
Our dentist is shutting down.
I always wanted to keep my wisdom teeth but I just went to the dentist and it looks like they're gonna have to be removed...
To be honest this is pretty de-molar-izing.
Don't ever think dentists are perfect individuals
They most certainly have floss.
What did the toothpaste wear to the club?
A tube top!
Why do vampires clean their teeth three times a day?
To prevent bat breath.
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