Not feeling well? Let our Doctor Puns take care of you!

What did the frustrated doctor say to the nurse?
Gauze dammit!
What is a doctor's favorite element?
A small child was brought into hospital the other day after swallowing several small toy horses.
The doctors report that he is in a stable condition.
Who is the coolest Doctor in the hospital?
The hip Doctor!
Who is the second coolest man in hospital?
The hip replacement guy!
What kind of doctor is always available?
An on-call-ogist.
Once there was a doctor who got shot. He adamantly wanted to perform surgery on himself, despite all of the other surgeons saying that he shouldn't.
But he was so insistent that they finally said "Fine, suture self."
My doctor told me that his job is easy because he can heal all of his patients with trigonometry.
He has a sinecure.
Earlier, I tried to sneak into the Star Trek convention disguised as the starship's doctor.
Security soon discoverd, however, I wasn't the real McCoy.
Doctor: Are you aware of your sodium intake?
Me: Na.
Man: "I’ve had really bad gas lately." Doctor: D"on’t worry, it will pass."
Why did the banana go to the doctor?
It wasn’t PEELING well.
My doctor didn’t show up to the appointment about my hairline.
He said it got pushed back
What do you call a doctor who became a delivery driver?
I dated a doctor once. Big mistake.
She was a Psycho.
My doctor told me that I needed I kidney
I told her no. I'd prefer an adult-knee.
Why was the doctor so paranoid?
He worked in the ICU.
Doctor doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains
Doctor: Pull yourself together
Doctor: Your brain seems to have deleted all info about 80s music!
Man: Yikes! What’s The Cure?

Doctor: Darn, it’s worse than I thought.
Why did the house go to the doctor?
It was having window panes.
When I woke up from my accident, I was shocked when the doctors told me I broke all my fingers.
It was hard to grasp.
Doctor, I keep peeing my pants! What can I do?
Urologist: “It’s mind over matter, urine control.”
Who is the coolest Doctor in the hospital?
The hip Doctor.
There’s a new drama featuring herbivore doctors.
It’s called Graze Anatomy.
What do you call Vietnamese animal doctors?
Vietnam Vets.
"Doctor Doctor I feel like a supermarket"
How long have you been feeling like this?

"Since I was Lidl."
2 years ago, the doctor told me I was losing my hearing.
Haven't heard from him since then.
Why was the doctor doing diarrhia research scared?
He had seen some sh*t go down.
Me: I have an appointment to see the doctor.
Nurse: which doctor?

Me: No, just the regular one
A guy walks into the doctors office complaining of rectal pain, upon examination, the doctor exclaims "Buddy, theres a piece of lettuce coming out of your butt!"
The guy looks to the doctor and says "thats only the tip of the iceburg!"
Did you know that doctors that perform circumscisions don’t make a lot of money for those operations?
They only get paid in tips.