Closet Puns

We can guarantee these puns are from the highest shelf.

When the librarian bumped her head, she had no one to blame but her shelf.
Two cabinets walk out of a bar...
One says to the other, "you walking home?" and the other replies, "Nah, I'm cabinet."
What happens when a closet goes into fighting?
It turns into a wardrobe.
What did the flirty coat say to the jacket?
"Do you hang here often?"
What did Papa cabinet advise to his Son cabinet before his first date?
"Just be youshelf"
I had a few doubts about buying a big metal cabinet to store all my valuables.
Turns out... it was a safe purchase.
I came home to find many folders, calendars and filing cabinets were stolen.
Police believe it to be the work of organised crime.
Why was the cabinet maker fired on his first day?
He just couldn't get a handle on it.
I wanted to buy a book on Albert Einstein's theories but it was on the top shelf...
It's information that's way over my head.
The cabinet I made just collapsed and a bunch of books fell and hit me.
I’ve only got my shelf to blame.
What do you do with a wardrobe door that is slightly ajar?
You clothes it.
What would a self deprecating wardrobe say?
"I hate my-shelf"
How do you get into an all glass China cabinet?
Sorry, that's glassified.
I think the final paragraph of my essay is on the top shelf...
But I don't want to jump to conclusions.
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