What Kind of Spiritualist Would You Be?

Spiritual leaders have existed since the beginning of time. These are the people who convey the ways of the universe and larger forces than ourselves. They were story tellers, magic casters, philosophers and many others. In this spiritual test, we will try to understand what kind of spiritual leader you would have made, and what it may say about you.
What would be your dream vacation?
Attending a spiritual retreat
Visiting sacred sites
Touring a vortex in Sedona
A historical tour of Salem
Seeing the temples of Japan
See the Birthplace of Jesus
An abandoned gothic mansion
Exploring Cliff Dwellings
Which symbol are you most drawn to?
What is your go to tool for prayer, ritual, or connecting to source?
Yoga Mat
Which word do you most resonate with?
Choose your dream home...
What would you most enjoy watching?
Once Upon A Time
Shaman, Healer, Sage
The Secret
Little Buddha
Ancient Aliens
I don't own a TV
Practical Magic
Paranormal State
Choose a picture...
Which best describes you?
Wise/ Knowledgeable
Receptive to all possibilites
Choose a pattern or texture...
Dragon scales
Vintage herbs
Agate Geode
Vintage Text
Vintage Astrology
Which historical figure would you most like to have a conversation with?
Mary Baker Eddy (Founder of Christian Science)
Edgar Allen Poe
John of God
Joan of Arc
Edgar Cayce
Helen Schucman (scribe of A Course in Miracles)
What has been your biggest struggle or been a predominate subject in your healing?
Letting Go
Thinking rather than feeling
Living in the past
The Shaman
Shamans were revered and sought after for their council. They held a position which was honored and appreciated among their people. You may find that you embody these traits in your life and work. The Shaman finds they attract others who are seeking guidance and support, without even offering it. As a Shaman, people may be drawn to you without explanation as to why. Because you channel this ancient energy, others are drawn to it, seeking your wisdom and council.
The Witch
For the Witch, be they male or female. spirituality is about finding your own, often creative, path to spirituality. You are actively spiritual, and do not believe in sitting idly by, you believe in creating one's own morals, mystery, and above all - destiny.
The Mythologist
You would introduce more magic into the world if you could. You enjoy reading, watching or hearing about magical things, and you wish the world had more of it. You relish in the magic of lore and perhaps even daydream about the existence of unicorns, fairies, wizards and mermaids. You probably love stories, especially in depth tales of of faraway places in time and space that transport you from the modern day. You love fantasy books and films and are fascinated by Gods and legends.
The Eastern Philosopher
The Eastern Philosopher is a soft, quiet and unchallenging personality. You are subdued and prefer to avoid confrontation. Your spirituality is as calm as still water, as patient as a growing tree. You see beauty in the smallest of details and believe in letting everything be as it is meant to be. You love seeing other people smile and believe life is a beautiful journey, both spiritually and personally.
The Quester
Regular spiritual roots have not completely taken with you, and your soul is still open to new ideas of spirituality. You know this is a journey and you enjoy sharing your journey with loving souls that are as open as yours. You celebrate life and see your friends as the family you have chosen for yourself. Perhaps journeying with them IS the answer, and it is not complete until that journey ends.
The Occultist
You love the supernatural and are drawn to other worldly concepts. The Occultist studies metaphysics, philosophy and space. You are creative and may be drawn to subjects like science fiction, supernatural lore, parapsychology, fantasy and other kinds of mystical arts. You would have spent hours studying space, time, and philosophy as seen by the human soul.
The Lightworker
You have experienced a lot in your life and on your spiritual path but are always eager for more. Because of this you are extremely nurturing and understanding of others. You have worked through a lot of your blocks and have come out on the other side more wise and peaceful than even you could have imagined. You see every day as an opportunity to develop your spirituality and are constantly amazed by the clever ways a higher force finds to communicate with you.
The Theologist
You read scriptures and ancient texts which describe the omnipotent presence of God and yearn to know this presence in your life. You honor the power of tradition well worked into the soul of man over many generations. You are generous and giving, but not always as much as you know you should be. You are always trying to do better, and that struggle is what gives you grace.
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