What Element Are You Missing?

Life is rarely perfect. It doesn't mean we're not happy or content, but most of us ARE missing an element or two we'd rather have in our life. Whether it is closer relationships, more self-confidence, the need for spirituality or other things - there's always an element we're all striving to find. Do you have one? Even if you think you don't, this test may tell you differently, and perhaps give you something to reflect on. Why do you think you got this answer?
How often do you feel aligned with your true purpose in life?
When I accomplish something
How does this photo make you feel?
I don't feel anything
How often do you feel curious and have the desire to learn?
Rarely, if ever
Every day
At heart, are you a realist or an idealist?
An even mix
Which of the following is the most important to you in your love life?
Passion and excitement
Finding my ideal match
Morality and modesty
Stability and trust
Luxury and comfort
Physical chemistry
Can we weird you out for a moment? Choose the word you most associate with this image!
Which is closest to your idea of success in life?
True love
Internal peace
Which animal would you be proud to call "my spirit animal"? (or closest to it)
Which object would you hang here?
Radical Self-Expression
You're missing radical self-expression! Deep down you have an incredibly creative personality with truly remarkable ideas. The problem is that despite your innate talents, your avenues of radical and free expression have been blocked. It's time to start creating again. Start writing, singing, painting, building, etc.! Start speaking your inner radical truth without any fears. Whether it's fear that's stopping you or you're simply procrastinating, now is truly the time to open up and express yourself. We are all only expected to be the best versions of ourselves. Express your truth and be the best you that you can be!
Liberating Love
You're missing liberating love. You're intelligent, successful and accomplished, but you're missing the deep intimacy that liberating love can bring. It's not easy experiencing true love; it can feel like a roller coaster and the risks are high but the time has come for you to open you heart and experience true love. Tear down those walls and show your romantic partner your true self and you will be set FREE. Liberating love will transform you and it's a transformation that you truly want and need.
Wild Wanderlust
You're missing wild wanderlust! You've been stuck in one place for too long. You've become to attached to your routine, life plan or career path. The time has come to throw it all to the wind and go on an adventure! Life is incredibly short and there's a whole world out there waiting for you! Embrace the inner risk taker and start saving for that next big trip!
Heavenly Spirituality
You're missing heavenly spirituality. You're hardworking, ambitious, practical and pride yourself on your logical decision making skills, but deep down you're craving something more. You're craving that spiritual connection with something greater than yourself. You're missing a deep spiritual connection and now is the time to build up a spiritual practice. Open your heart and mind and start looking for your spiritual path! A great heavenly awakening awaits you!
Grounded Serenity
You're missing grounded serenity! In other words, you need some zen in your life! You know better than anyone how overwhelming life can be, but you also know that you're missing the deep serenity that's the key to a happy life. You're overwhelmed with the ups, downs, responsibilities and stresses of life. You're very capable and incredibly successful, but you're missing an inner calm and peace. We create our own realities and inner peace will only come if you decide that's what you want. Embrace the inner calm and seek out serenity. Grounded serenity will transform your life and bring the balance you so deeply crave.
Eternal Gratitude
You're missing eternal gratitude! Look around you! You're surrounded by miracles every second. The time has come to embrace the miraculous nature of life and feel profound gratitude. Things may not be perfect and you know better than anyone that life simply isn't fair. You're a graduate of the school of hard knocks, but don't let your experience blind you the profound blessings that surround you at every moment. Take 5 minutes right now to think of 10 things you're incredibly grateful for today. Gratitude will change your life!
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