Take Our Quiz of the Past and We'll Tell You Your Future

People think there is a large difference between our past, our present and our future. But time doesn't work like that, it is an endless, uninterrupted line, a ride we are always on. Time is one long piece, and our past and future are intimately linked. Answer the following questions about your past and present to learn about your future...
quiz numbers
What Month is Your Birth Month?
quiz toddlers playing
From 1-10, how happy was your childhood?
1-3 (Not happy)
4-7 (Quite happy)
8-10 (Very happy)
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Is there a big regret in your life you want to go back and change if you could?
Most definitely
I'm comfortable with my mistakes
quiz dying rose
Have you ever had a unrequited love?
I'm not sure
quiz wooden puppet on stones
Which of these was the biggest problem for you?
Anxiety and Fear
Sadness and Depression
Low Self Confidence
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What did you miss most in your childhood?
Money and Means
True Friendship
quiz philips screw drivers and screws
What part of your life would you improve if you could?
My professional life
My love life
My intellectual life
My social Life
quiz toddler holding parents' hands
What parent was the most dominant in your life?
My Mother
My Father
Both equally
quiz kids on grass holding a love sign
How many brothers and sisters did you grow up with?
4 or more
quiz child fishing
As a child, did you take part in extra-curricular activities?
Yes, I was in a youth group
Yes, I was academically active
No I didn't
Yes, I took part in sports activities
Your Financial Future Looks Good
quiz coin piles with leaves growing out of them
Looking at your past and your current answers, we're pretty sure you've got a great financial boon coming your way, as your very nature will bring about such a future. A part of you is determined to achieve this, even if you are not aware of it.
Your Family Will Keep Growing in Number and Happiness
quiz family photo in backyard
According to your answers, we can say you are going to enjoy a large, happy and growing family. Your family comes first and you so want to make it happy. Don't worry, the future looks filled with either family or adopted family members.
You Are Going to Make a Very Good Social Decision
quiz man opens shift to show superman symbol
We don't know when, why or how, but we think you have the potential to make a big social change that will affect a lot of people around you. You will be remembered kindly for being a person who put others before themselves.
You're About to Be Offered a New Treasure trove of Knowledge
quiz beautiful library
Your past choices are leading you on a sure track of opening to new fascinating worlds of knowledge. Whether it's professionally, financially, socially, family or other things, you'll find yourself finding new sources of happiness and satisfaction. Continue keeping an open head about opportunities coming your way.
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