Which Chakra Dominates You?

If you are aware of chakras, you are aware of the strong symbolism and meaning they carry among those who understand them. In this spiritual test, we will try to understand which of your chakras is the most dominant, defining your prime aspect.
Which one of these images evokes the most emotion?
Are you usually aware of your emotional needs?
What did you see first, a man facing forward or sideways?
What is something that you are passionate about?
Which one of these do you turn to when you’re stressed?
None of these
More than one of these
Which one of these words is most meaningful to you?
Do you get sick often?
Kind of
What kinds of dreams do you usually have?
Other/I'm not sure
Sexual fantasies
Seeing people from your past
Being chased
Teeth falling out
Which one of these creates the most negative energy?
Which one of these images is most soothing to you?
Do you feel like you have had a lasting impression on someone’s life?
I'm not sure
Root Chakra
Your Root Chakra is at the base of your being, and keeping it strong is what our very existence depends on. <br><br> You have a deep need for security and safety in your earthly journey, and you seek a sense of belonging. When your physical and emotional needs are sufficiently met, you feel most peaceful and balanced. You turn to the soothing powers of nature at times of stress, and this has served you well. You have strong and developed instincts which guide you in life. The energy of your root chakra is what allows you to harness your intuition, courage, and resourcefulness.
Sacral Chakra
The Sacral Chakra is found at the pleasure centers of the body, the delight that you take in your life and in the company of others stems from this chakra's energy. <br><br> You are someone who truly enjoys each moment to the fullest, and you are on a life journey which includes as many new experiences as possible. You also feel deeply connected to those around you, and have forged deep and lasting intimate relationships with your companions in life. You are incredibly sensitive, and open to your own needs and desires as well as those of others. The intensity with which you feel everything, from the sensation of grass on your bare feet to the profound pleasures of love, makes you someone who is overflowing with creativity and passion.
Solar Plexus Chakra
The Solar Plexus Chakra is our source of personal power, self-esteem, and confidence. It is at the root of your dynamic identity and personality. <br><br> You have a strong sense of who you are and this gives you an intense sense of what you are meant to do in your life journey. You have no trouble facing the challenges and tribulations of life. Even when obstacles seem insurmountable, you are quick to come up with solutions and act upon them. You possess an air of confidence which makes you easily relied upon, and the rare gift of transforming ideas into action. You have the inner drive that makes all your goals attainable!
Heart Chakra
Our Heart Chakras control our warmth, love, compassion, and joy. It's dominance is the reason you are so open and accepting of both yourself and those around you. <br><br> You are an ideal friend; you bond easily with others, and once you do so you are quick to love and slow to anger. You are a soothing presence in the lives of others, and you distance yourself from discord and drama. Though you may have been hurt by others you choose to open your heart to new love rather than enclose yourself and your emotional energy behind a wall. People around you sense your trusting energy and respond in kind, often turning to you when they need support or compassion. You are altruistic and generous, and you feel the greatest sense of joy and balance when giving to others. !
Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra is the first of the 3 spiritual chakras, and it is what connects you to your soul and allows you to express yourself so openly and clearly. <br><br> You have a deep sense of what is true and right, and you have no trouble sharing it with others. You tend to be careful with your words, selecting them to make the deepest impact while being careful to never cause hurt. You understand the significance and meaning behind the things we say, and you wield your great power with caution. You have come to accept and understand your originality and higher truth, and will not be steered away from it. You feel a sense of calm and balance when you are able to speak freely and openly with a kindred spirit, and you feel frustration when you feel misunderstood. You love to share your truths with others, and you tend to feel cosmically drawn to others who will engage in deep conversation with you.
Third Eye Chakra
The Third Eye Chakra is the second of the 3 spiritual chakras, and it is what gives you the ability to see what is inside and outside of yourself and others. <br><br> You possess a gateway which connects what is internal and external. You are able to internalize important and meaningful lessons, and translate your emotions and inner truths into action and being. This is the reason why your intuition is so strong, and why you are able to predict long-term outcomes for your actions. The energy of this chakra is what enables you to visualize your spiritual and physical goals on your life journey, and access your inner guidance from the depths of your being. You are incredibly observant and mindful of your surroundings, and often notice the little details that others miss.
Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra is the source of spirituality, understanding, and enlightenment. You feel your place in the great expanse of this universe, and the role of your own life journey within it. <br><br> You feel a sense of harmony and unity in this world, and you find yourself uncontrollably compelled to feel a part of it. Something within you causes you to know and feel that there is a meaning and pattern to all of existence, and you feel most at peace when you are at one with that understanding. You are humbled by the vastness of reality, and your sense of self is unencumbered by the human ego. You work to create meaning and significance in your life, not for yourself but for the greater good.
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