Which Bird of Prey is in Your Soul?

Birds of prey are the apex birds in the sky, and it is impossible not to feel a little pinch of envy or amazement when you see them soaring in the sky and diving towards their prey with remarkable speed and power. It may help your envy a bit to know that within each and every one of us lies such a bird of prey with special characteristics that suit our psyche. To help you uncover the powerful predator that lies within you just answer the questions in the next personality test...
מבחן איזה עוף דורס אתה: מדליות
Which sport do you think is the most interesting and impressive?
Short-distance running
Bow and arrow target shooting
Lifting weights
Martial arts
מבחן איזה עוף דורס אתה: לוח שח מט
In your opinion, is life more black or white?
Niklas Christensen
What is your favorite part of the day?
What would be your reaction if you were now offered a job promotion for a more complex position or accepted for a new and coveted job in a field that is unfamiliar to you?
Grab the opportunity without thinking twice
It'll take me time to properly consider the issue
I'm good where I am, I don't want to take the risk
If I get the right terms and salary
You won $1,000 worth of tokens good for gambling at a luxury casino, what will you do with them?
Play the slot machines
Redeem the tokens without gambling with them
Play Blackjack
Play Poker
How would you describe your attitude towards life?
I change from optimism to pessimism and back
Which of these would stress you the most?
Waiting hours for the result of an important medical exam
Give a long lecture to a large crowd
Tell all my darkest secrets to a stranger
Quarantine at home alone for 2 weeks
What is your favorite season?
מבחן איזה עוף דורס אתה: מתנות
Which of these gifts would you enjoy getting?
Some new gadget
A book or theatre tickets
A fun day at a spa or something similarly relaxing
Which word best describes your attitude towards the unexpected?
Where is it usually more fun for you to hang out?
Inside my house
Outside my house
What is the hardest thing for you to accept from the people around you?
Marc Dalmulder
Falcons, like the brown falcon in the picture, are considered extremely fast predators and there are species that can reach speeds of up to 200 miles an hour (320 kilometers an hour). The falcon is not only a fast bird but also a very intelligent one, and in many cultures it is customary to train falcons for hunting or participating in various competitions.<br><br> According to your answers in this test, you have the personality of a type who likes to think and act fast, and has the sharp instincts that make it possible - just like a falcon. <br><br>It is easiest for you to act when you have a clear goal in front of you and something that helps you focus, but nothing satisfies you over time and your head is always thinking about your next goal. Sometimes your speed hurts you a bit and can lead to reckless behavior, so you should keep in mind that sometimes it is better to actually deal with life in a slow and considerate approach, even if it is not characteristic of your behavior in general.
Owls, like the barn owl in the picture, are considered to be some of the best night hunters in the animal kingdom. Over the years the owl has become a symbol of witchcraft, science and was even the beast associated with the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology - Athena.<br><br> According to your answers in this test, you have a personality of a calm, patient and calculated type who likes to act quietly and without attracting attention, just like an owl. You will not be surprised to find that you have academic inclinations, a broad general knowledge and affection for the written word, but these are not necessarily your main characteristics. <br><br>In the eyes of some of the people around you you may have a somewhat shy image, but it is much more correct to say that you just have a careful approach to life and the ability to exercise restraint that other people just fail to understand. You have no reason to be ashamed of these qualities, because they actually indicate an inner strength that not all the people in the world have.
Harpy Eagle
The impressive predator you see in this picture is a relaxation eagle, whose name and appearance are definitely worthy of flying the most powerful predator in the world. Relaxation is a large raptor with a wingspan of more than 2 meters and its long claws are able to exert enormous pressure on its prey.<br><br> According to your answers in this test, you have a strong personality, maybe even a little rough, and an inner strength that allows you to face most of life's challenges without too much outside help. Similar to the harpy, which raises only one chick in each mating cycle, you as well don't have a special need for many people or family members around you. It's usually good for you to be in a limited company or in your own company only, which is fine. <br><br>Sometimes it's difficult for people to penetrate your inner world, one you have a very strong urge to defend, and we wouldn't be surprised to find that it is due to various emotional injuries and scars from the past that caused you to develop a thick skin and ace assertive towards others. It is recommended that you sometimes stop being so alert and constantly rely on your great strength - it's very impressive, but can also lead to loneliness.
American Eagle
Andy Morffew
The famous American eagle is a predator also called the white-headed eagle, or "bald eagle," which always attracts astonished looks from its surroundings. It is a large raptor with impressive long feathers, built like a mix between an advanced aircraft and a well-oiled hunter: hollow bones, an impressive wing span, strong claws and a curved beak designed to rip prey apart. <br><br> According to your answers in this test, you have the personality of someone who always strives forward and has high goals, not afraid of challenges and keeps their head up even when difficult, just like the eagle that has become one of the national symbols of the United States. The ability to act according to your rules and your internal code is very important to you, and thanks to this there are many who see you as a role model or even a source of inspiration in certain times.<br><br> Like the bald eagle that resolutely protects its living area, you too have great courage to face various challenges and threats, because it's clear to you that only in this way can you succeed.
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