How Old is Your Soul?

Whether you believe your soul is created anew when you are born or retains some of the experiences of its past, a soul can be young or old even in ONE life. Take this quiz and let us tell you - How old IS your soul?
How honest are you?
Not as honest as I'd like to be, and I feel bad about that sometimes. I know I should be better.
I try to be as honest as honest Abe was reputed to be. No lies unless I really have to. Lies only lead to complications and suffering.
I lie all the time but it's the only way to survive in this world. I offer no apologies.
I don't seem to be able to lie very well, so I just don't.
Did you enjoy learning history?
Not really. I'm most interested in what's happening now or will happen tomorrow.
I've always been fascinated by history, it always seemed just as alive as now.
Sometimes, it really depends on the subject matter. Some I find interesting while others put me to sleep.
I find modern history to be fascinating. Anything before that I find uninteresting.
True or False: As a child, you often felt as the parent of your parents
True, I often felt as if I had to teach them how to parent me!
False. My parents knew what they were doing, and always felt like the adults to me.
False. It happened a few times, but very rarely that I can remember.
True, but my parents did their best and I never resented them for trying to bring me up as best they knew how.
What do you think of the younger generations alive today?
I think they are smart and trying to get by in a world gone mad.
I think they are lazy, ignorant and excitable, and have forgotten the ideals of their forefathers.
I think they're just people, some stupid, some smart. I don't think of them as one group.
I don't really have an opinion.
How do you feel, spiritually?
I feel like I'm still searching for something to guide me, an answer in the dark.
I feel, and have felt, connected to a much greater force than myself, all the days of my life.
I feel connected to something, but the feeling comes and goes, and I'm not sure what it is exactly.
I feel like I've encountered a greater power at some point, but I don't know when or how, or even what that feeling was like.
What was your favorite activity as a child?
Reading, getting lost in my head, daydreaming and, of course - eating. I loved being a kid.
Watching television, hanging out with the other kids, playing sports and games.
Falling in love with other kids, having dramatic relationships with friends and family.
Learning as much as I could and figuring out my hopefully bright future. As a child I was determined to be a success.
As a child, how did you get along with the other children?
I never really did, always felt too different from them. They felt too weird to me, incomprehensible at times.
I got along great. I was quite popular and have a lot of great childhood memories with my friends.
Normally I guess, had good friends and some kids I disliked
I like how innocent they were, but didn't like it when they were mean. I always tried to push them in the right direction, with limited success.
What kind of dreams do you have?
Mostly stress dreams about bad situations or dreams about things that could happen in the future, offering different outcomes.
Weird dreams with imagery I don't really understand. I never really get why I'm seeing them, but they come with a powerful emotional punch.
Epic dreams of adventure and action, where I play different roles for each dream.
I dream of people I've never seen, but in the dreams I know them, and our connection feels deep.
When you encounter new philosophies and ideas, your thoughts are...
"Yes! This makes sense. How did I not think of this before?"
"Hmmm... I never thought of it this way."
"I've had this thought before... this idea must have come to me in the past."
"Interesting, I thought that might be the case. Good to confirm it."
How do you feel about money?
I think it's the root of all evil. Everyone should focus less on economy and money and more on improving each other.
I think it's a necessary evil. We won't function without a good economy, and money is how we reward hard work.
I think that, deny as you will, money is the most important thing in this life, and makes you the happiest.
I think that not having money makes you unhappy, and having money gives you options, and chasing money makes you miserable.
When you are alone, do you enjoy it?
I do. It allows my mind to unwind itself, free from having to answer for other people's expecations.
Not really. I feel lonely and long to talk to someone or at least feel the presence of someone in the house.
Sometimes I do, especially after a long time of being social. Most of the time, though, I like having company or working alongside other people.
I have hobbies that require me being alone, such as reading, but when I'm not doing those activities I like to be with friends and family.
How do you react to change?
I LOVE change. It makes me look forward to the future and forget the past.
I HATE change. I get comfortable in my set routines, habits and people I want around me. When it changes I feel diminished.
At times, change is good, especially when it's for the best. However, it always brings with it complications and I don't always have the energy for that.
It really depends if the change is for the better or worse.
You Have an Ancient Soul
Your soul is more than old. It is practically ancient. This is a soul that has been through the wringer, has seen the cycles of humanity rise and fall, death perusing life pursuing death and on and on—an endless cycle of birth and demise. You've seen youths smiling shyly after their first kiss. You've seen them turning into experienced adults. You've seen the mistakes that repeat themselves with each generation anew, always thinking this is the first time it has happened. As a result, you find many people exhausting. You seek time alone with your thoughts because the childishness and innocence of younger souls can be tiring and make you feel old and sad by comparison. It's not easy having the burden of knowledge and experience. Only when you become an old soul, do you realize that innocence is more of a prize than a hindrance. However, you are wiser beyond your years. Always have been, and your wisdom often keeps you out of heartbreak and ruin. The best way to deal with a heavy soul? Teach others. Impart your wisdom and watch them flourish because of you - this will bring you both satisfaction and ease to the mind and soul.
You Have a Fresh, New Soul!
Good news, your soul is brand new! Unused, fresh, and ready to experience all that life has to offer. Many people think an old soul is purely a positive thing, but they'd be mistaken. Sure, it may grant some wisdom to young people to serve them on their way, but it also comes with a weariness of spirit that does NOT affect a fresh young soul. You have a huge amount of internal energy, a furnace of ideas, wants, and feelings. Many things feel fresh and exciting, and you experience things with an immediacy other people can only envy. Enjoy all the novel things life throws your way.
Your soul is neither old nor young
Your soul, while not brand new, is not 'old' either. It comes with no definite experiences or emotions that seem to come from somewhere unbeknownst. While you may not have the immediate innocence of a brand new soul, you have a calmness, tranquility that comes from carrying no heavy mental burdens upon your soul, nor anxieties brought up by experiences you don't truly remember. Your path is your own, and while you may feel echos of other times, your personality and development seem to indicate that you are not controlled, either by the past or the future. You are free to create your own experiences and mature mentally as well as physically.
Your Soul is Old, But Not Ancient
You have an old soul, a soul that has been through much, in this life or others. Your soul yearns for old problems over the new that plague this time and place. It yearns for a simplicity that doesn't seem to exist in this age and time. You always found most people to be shallow and childish, while you sigh and hope for people to 'grow up.' You often have a feeling of Déjà vu, especially when it comes to new ideas, as if you've heard, or known, them before. Sometimes you feel lethargic, not in the body but in the spirit. At night, you sometimes dream of people you never knew, but feel a strange yearning towards, as if they were some long-lost family or friends you don't recall. Our advice? Enjoy the wisdom that comes with your soul, focus on the immediate happiness of life, and less about cycles and abstract thoughts you can never bring about. Accept modern life and try your best to create a place for yourself where you can enjoy your ideals.
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