What is Your Spiritual Superpower?

We all have a spirit inside us that represents the flame of life we all are. More than bodies, more than meat and blood, we are beings of energy, emotion and intellect. Each spirit is as different from another as people are, which means they all have different attributes and abilities. Sometimes these are just things we're sensitive to, other times it can be almost prophetic. When it comes to YOUR spirit, what power do you think it has?
Where would you like to be right now?
A quiet place
At Home
With Friends
A Fun Place
Not Sure
If you could change eye color, what color would you pick?
What sort of creative activity draws you the most?
Drawing or Painting
Which of these is your preferred drink?
Something alcoholic
Which crystal attracts your eyes the most?
When meeting someone new, the most important thing to you is...
Look them in the eyes
Smile at them
Give them a good handshake
Hug them
I usually shy away
Pick a secondary career for yourself.
Something in technology
Something in medicine
Something in law or politics
Something in social work
Something that preserves the past
Which of these rules you most?
Equal parts logic and emotion
I never know what it's going to be
You walk in your apartment and discover a surprise party in your honor. What is your reaction?
I guessed it already so I will act surprised
Be overwhelmed with hugs and kisses for everyone!
Feel embarrassed by being the center of attention but remember to thank everyone and be nice
Beam at everyone and start planning THEIR surprise parties
Run away
Pick an animal you feel represents you best
In which position do you sleep?
On my stomach
On my back
On my side
It changes all the time
I can't remember I sleep too deeply
Stefan Rheone
What scares you the most?
Losing control
Needles and other sharp things
Insects and rodents
That I will fail others
Things inside me I don't understand
Healing Energy
Your spiritual superpower allows you to help the people around you and relieve some of their problems, just as some Reiki practitioners do. This power is possible because people like you are attuned to their environments and have a giant heart that allows them to tap into what the other person needs without even realizing it sometimes. After talking to you, many people find that their problems are lessened or not as bad as they thought. There is something special about your touch and presence. We'd all like to have someone like you around.
Seeing Around the Corner
Your spiritual superpower allows you to collect countless little details and clues from your environment and put these together to get glimpses into the near future. Of course you have no crystal ball, nor are you a fortune teller, you're just a person who has significant advantages when predicting the future. The truth may often come out in your dreams, where your soul can collect all the pieces together without you getting in its way.
Feeling Auras
Your spiritual superpower gives you a strong sense of empathy. So strong that it goes beyond other people's emotions and straight to the aura that surrounds them. Many religions and beliefs hold that every person, indeed, every object, has an aura around them that may indicate a situation, an emotion, or a future action. You may not be aware of this, but see yourself as just an excellent judge of character, but the truth is you FEEL the truth behind the facade. You are probably also transmitting, and you may notice your mood has a strong effect on those of others around you, even more than it should.
Bringing Blessings
You are the light bringer. Your spiritual superpower is bringing blessings with you. You're a special person who has been touched by goodness, and wherever you go your presence fights the bad and sad vibes that exist in most places. You may see the world as a good or bad place, but it is little doubt that your presence helps alleviate the bad aspects of the world. When you walk into a room, it is like you are bringing light with you in the palm of your hand. It makes worries smaller and diminishes bad feelings of envy, desire, anger and hate. Yours is a blessed presence that others come to for light.
Remembering Past Lives
There is an ocean inside you. You do not know how deep it goes or what it hides in its depths. Your spiritual superpower is that your past lives are clamoring inside you. There is a hidden aspect inside you that allows you glimpses of other places, other times, and other people. It's hard to tell if these are bizarre dreams or weird hallucinations, but the truth is that you may be seeing something that your soul never forgot. Don't shy from these images, embrace them, and try to dream of them - they may lead to fascinating places.
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