What is Your Soul's Flower?

Our spirits as residents of this world are inexorably intertwined with that of the natural world. We drink it with our mother's milk and inherit it in our blood. Flowers are an especially good window into the soul. They are delicate and beautiful, and draw out our inner being. Take this test and find out - which flower echoes your soul?
Choose a vista that pleases you.
Do you enjoy a good challenge?
Heck no.
It depends, do I have to?
Bring it on!
Which of these birds do you feel best represents you?
What do you think makes you a good friend or ally?
My determination
My intellect
My colorful nature
My respect for privacy
My positive attitude
My kindness
Which of these is you?
Which of these gives you that "whole" feeling?
History, tradition, family values.
Experiencing the arts, traveling the world.
Sharing in the joys of life with others.
Experiencing the world first-hand
Intellect, literacy, learning all I can.
Inner wisdom and achieving balance with the world
Find the inner me
In your spare time, do you prefer to socialize or have your quiet time?
'Me time'
Which of these do you most often put first?
Maintaining Inner-Peace
Dreams & Goals
Self Improvement
If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, which would it be?
If you had to defend yourself, you could best do so with...
Kindness and Understanding
I avoid conflict
Purple Lotus
Pensive, conflict-avoidant and quiet by nature, your soul reflects the purple light of the spiritual Purple Lotus. Your answers hint at a reserved individual whose wisdom is deep. You are more introverted than extroverted, and this, for you is both a safety net and a longing for balance. <br><br>Your consciousness is sensitive and thoughtful, and your tendency towards alone time leads others to mistake your peace sometimes for not being social or for a lack of caring - which is simply not the case. For you, harmony and peace are accomplished only through one's self - and achieving serenity is something worth devoting a life to.
Blue Hydrangea
Nurturing and seeking relationships, your spirit echoes the bluish light of the Blue Hydrangea. A giver of kindness, love and support, your soul is not represented by a single flower but by a bushel of graceful blue petals - representing the many souls you have a connection to. <br><br> You are a person many rely on for strength and support, and you're happy to give it. You must, of course, be wary of letting others take advantage of your generous nature, as standing your ground does not come natural. You are a truly kind person, a quality that is unfortunately taken entirely for granted and underappreciated by most.
Energetic and jovial, your spirit is that of the Sunflower! A social butterfly, your brain is a constant flow of events, ideas, and possible outcomes - which can sometimes make it quite hard to focus. Your magnetic personality and endlessly bubbling energy may be overwhelming to some, but there isn't a situation or problem you can't see the bright side of. At some point in life, you simply decided to just "be happy", and the world has been a much better place ever since.
Red Rose
Intellectual and romantic, your soul is that of the Red Rose. A powerful image associated with life's dramatic moments - For you the Red Rose means so much more. The layers of your spirit are complex yet graceful, much like the intricately laced petals of a rose. Your sensual nature, coupled with an insatiable desire for knowledge, drive your romantic spirit to new heights of creativity. In the end of the day, though, nothing lights your soul like a good book.
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