How Spiritual a Person Are You?

When we talk about spirituality, this may mean different things to different people. For the purpose of this test, this includes the feelings of faith, connection, transcendence and other matters of the spirit. So, answer our questions from your own heart and spirit, and perhaps we can tell how spiritual you really are.
I feel that I am more than my brain and body. There is another, ethereal part of me that is always separate.
Strongly Agree (I feel it keenly)
Agree (I believe this)
Disagree (maybe, but I don't feel like there is)
Strong Disagree (no, I believe I am my brain and body)
I often feel so connected to the people around me that it is like there is no separation between us.
Strongly agree (All the time)
Agree (Sometimes)
Disagree (Not really or very rarely)
Strongly Disagree (I Don't feel connected at all)
I have made true sacrifices in order to make the world a better place, like trying to prevent war, poverty and injustice
Strongly agree (big part of my life)
Agree (did what I could)
Disagree (very little)
Strong disagree (none at all)
I am often overwhelmed by the beauty of this world.
Strongly Agree (often)
Agree (Sometimes)
Disagree (rarely)
Strongly Disagree (never or almost never)
One should always seek the truth, no matter the consequences to them or others.
Strongly Agree (only the truth is important)
Agree (this is true most of the time)
Disagree (depends on the consequences)
Strongly Disagree (life comes first, then truth)
I have the ability to FLY in some of my dreams, controlling the flight and seeing incredible sights.
Strongly agree (happens a lot)
Agree (rarely or in the past)
Disagree (not really, or don't have control)
Strongly Disagree (Not that I can recall)
I believe that life has a bigger meaning than we humans can give it.
Strongly Agree (of course there is)
Agree (I feel like there is)
Disagree (maybe, but probably not)
Strongly Disagree (only we give our life meaning)
Often, when I gaze at something mundane, something magical happens. I get the feeling that I am seeing it fresh for the first time.
Strongly agree (All the time)
Agree (Sometimes)
Disagree (Not really or very rarely)
Strongly Disagree (nope)
When I look up at the sky at night, I feel like at first I'm seeing...
A dome of jewels
The feeling of something holy
The universe, and I am connected to it
An intimidating void
Someone looking back at me
Ignorance should not be tolerated in the human species.
Strongly Agree (we must always further our knowledge)
Agree (in almost all things but the most dangerous ones)
Disagree (Some things should not be invented or researched)
Strong Disagree (there is no shame in ignorance. There is a strength in admitting mysteries in the world)
I do not fear death. When it comes, it shall be as a journey, not an end.
Strongly Agree (I believe this with all my being)
Agree (I believe it is a journey, but it still scares me)
Disagree (death is scary, and probably the end)
Strong Disagree (death is terrifying and it is the end of all things)
Extra Option (I do not fear death, but I do believe it is the end)
Reality is a thin veil thrown over the real shape of things.
Strongly Agree (we know nothing of the REAL world)
Agree (there is a lot more to reality then science will ever uncover)
Disagree (reality is complex but not beyond our understanding)
Strongly Disagree (There is an objective reality that we can measure by physical laws)
Strongly Anchored to Physical Reality
From your results, you are either more anchored to the physical than the spiritual, or your spirituality goes in a unique direction we could not detect in this short test. <br><br> You are a person with a deep feeling of what is REAL and what is NOT. There are physical laws in this universe you've come to accept as the final reality of things. We live by them and we die by them. There is probably no afterlife, since our brain is who we are, and when it has died, so does everything that makes us ourselves. <br><br> For some, this is a terrifying thought, but for others, it is almost comforting. There is an end to all things, and we give our own meaning to our lives. There is more personal control in this world than mystics believe. You hold the power over your life, and death is just a fact of the universe.
Between the Physical and Ethereal
From your results, you represent an interesting blend of physical reality and a whisper in your ears of the ethereal. You believe in the physical laws of the universe, and that they do represent reality as far as we can know it, and more than that doesn't matter. <br><br> That said, you do feel a connection beyond yourself, something is out there and you are not a brain alone in its body, there is something connecting a part of you to a larger network of things. Some call it the divine, others see it as the universe. You don't know, all you do know is that there is SOMETHING, just beyond out sight, and it is real.
You Are Connected
From your results, you are a spiritual person, more than the average by quite a bit. You feel a connection that connects you from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE. In other words, within you is a place that is connected to something bigger than yourself, bigger than everything. <br><br> You feel this connection most keenly, whether it is to God, the Universe, nature or any other belief you have that connects you. Sometimes this belief has no name, no terms, just a deeply rooted and connected feeling, as if your soul is a gateway to a greater realm of things, a greater reality.
Deeply Spiritual
From your results, you are a deeply spiritual person. Your brain and body, to you, represent only the lesser parts of WHAT you are. You believe that reality as we humans see it is a lie. There is much more on heaven and earth than ever dreamt by our philosophy, be it God, the Universe, Nature or another belief you have. <br><br> You believe your soul will survive this reality, this thin veil of things. That this life is but a step in the journey of your soul, and when death comes, you will be transformed, but not ended. <br><br> You feel this connection all the time, as if inside you, inside your soul, there is a gateway to that bigger force, that divine or universal connection that gives your life meaning. You sacrifice for it, you live for it, and if you must die, then you would prefer to die for it.
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