What is Your Elemental Guardian Spirit?

Like in physical space, so are can our spirits be divided into elements and elemental spirits. When we speak of spirits, we mean that hidden part of you, the one that resides in the darkness in your head, where the words and actions come out of the darkness to guide our daily decisions. That is where our spirit resides, and it can be divided into 4 kinds: Rock (or Earth), Water, Wind (or air) and fire. Which are you? Take our quiz and find out...
tree with paints splashes instead of leaves
Choose your preferred color:
What do you think is most important in life?
Courage and will power
Wisdom and caution
Patience and practicality
Justice and equality
Choose your favorite season:
Scared man peeking from under a table
What is more of a punishment to you?
Being in an event with strangers all day
Being completely isolated for a long time
Which saying applies to you more?
I act before thinking and I speak my thoughts
I think before I act and I keep my thoughts to myself
a symbol of the sun surrounded by the astrological wheel
What is your star sign?
Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer
Libra, Gemini or Aquarius
Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn
Aries, Sagittarius or Leo
Woman sitting in nature in sunset
What are you more attuned to?
My environment and people close to me
What is happening to my health and spirit
Choose one of these shapes:
Kjell Andr? / wikipedia
Fropuff / wikipedia
DTR / wikipedia
Cyp / wikipedia
How often do you make your opinions known to others?
I say all that I think, always
I try to say my thoughts, but try to avoid confrontations
I keep my thoughts to myself, but I feel bad about it
I keep my thoughts to myself and I'm happy with that
How do you support your friends when they're in bad mood?
Sympathy - Give them all the love and support they need
Empathy - Try to see things from their perspective
Choose one negative quality you have:
What do you aspire to feel in your life?
Wanted and loved
Talented and Respected
Unique and Creative
people fist bumping
How would you benefit a group you're in?
I can be counted on to be determined and keep pushing on
I think things through and am good at predicting the future
I learn fast and can do anything
I love being creative and I never run out of ideas
sun behind a cloud partly cloudy
What kind of weather do you prefer when vacationing?
Hot and dry like Australia
Hot and humid like Thailand
Cold and dry like Finland
Cold and humid like New York
Your Elemental is ROCK
Your spirit is of a person with both their feet on the ground. You're very practical, have high motivation and superb focus. You probably prefer getting explicit instructions for tasks and you have a daily routine. You're very organized and clean, and some can be perfectionists. You prefer taking tasks under your own wing, even though you often feel like you could have done better. You prefer being alone, but you are extremely loyal to your close friends, because they, like you, hate small talk.
Your Elemental is WATER
The water spirit is an intuitive and creative one. You are probably a very empathetic person, perhaps, a bit spiritual as well. You have an incredible ability to connect to others, and you are sensitive by nature. That also means you get hurt easily by the bad things you see in the world, and you must keep yourself protected from these kinds of experiences. Many water spirits tend to become addicted to things if they aren't happy with their lives, and they are vehement about their privacy. They are the ones most likely to benefit from meditation, which calms the mind.
Your Elemental is WIND
The wind spirit is a brilliant one, always curious, always verbose, always noticing little details that escape other people. You are probably both practical and very restless, trying to learn or do as much as possible. While people of the wind can develop themselves endlessly, they sometimes find it hard to connect emotionally with other people, because their inner world is quite different than those of others. Those with wind spirits must learn to communicate their thoughts better in order to be understood.
Your Elemental is FIRE
Fire spirits are passionate, of course! They are spontaneous, humorous and full of inspiration. You have the ability to be a wonderful entertainer, and because your head and heart have a big effect on you, both positively and negatively, you tend to talk and respond more from your heart and less from your head. That said, many fire spirits tend to get insecure over time, and their biggest challenge is to learn how to control the fire raging inside yo and to achieve a balance between your emotions and your reactions.
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