What Kind of Healing Do You Really Need?

At any given point in time, there are very few people in the world who aren't seeking out answers to the big questions in their lives, whether actively or passively. If you feel like your soul needs healing or your spiritual life lacks direction, then have a go at answering the questions below, and find out what type of spiritual healing you truly need, as well as how often you should turn to it.
man looking into the future
Do you ever feel like there is a dark cloud in the room?
yes graphic
no graphic
pile of pebbles by the ocean
What do you do to take care of your mind?
I go to weekly therapy sessions
I do exercise to calm my mind
I do yoga to calm my mind
I meditate daily
man staring into distance
When you feel off balance what do you do?
Slow down and relax
Do exercise
hand holding a compass
How often do you feel like you need answers?
Asian woman kneeling before monks
Do you follow a religion?
yes graphic
no graphic
fortune cookies with message
Who do you mainly listen to for advice?
Other people
My gut
sad woman picking flowers
Which of these would you say you are?
Autumn path
Do you believe in destiny?
yes graphic
no graphic
abandoned hotel interior
How often do you feel lost?
Once a month
At least once a day
feather falling from the sky
How light might this feather be?
As light as air
As light as the sun
As light as the heavens
As light as light itself
Monthly Gong Baths
Gong Bath
You are a truly balanced soul who is constantly looking for answers. This year has given you a new spring in your step and you are looking to solve all those deep and dark questions that are welling up inside you. Your search for self-healing has been great, and monthly therapeutic sessions will enable you to let go of your inner demons, and become the light and effervescent spiritual soul that you truly are.
Weekly Chakra Cleansing
chakra concept
You have entered the year feeling slightly off-balance, but there's no need to worry. All you need to do is to focus on realigning your chakras once again. Don't lose yourself too much, and remember to take time to breathe. Dedicating your time to weekly healing and meditation will help you feel in tune with what your body really needs.
Daily Meditation
woman meditating in nature
You find your daily life a little stressful so morning meditation will work wonders for your soul. Take just 30 minutes from your morning to relax and breathe. Carrying out a mindful mediation session before you start your day will help you feel at peace, and one with the world. Whenever life feels a little bit too much, find a quiet corner and give yourself the space to really let go.
Constant Crystal Protection
healing crystals on a tree stump
You should wear a radiating and healing crystal at all times. You are a sensitive soul and if you keep your crystal close to your heart, you will find yourself completely in check. Make time for meditation and as much calm physical exercise as possible, as this will help you find your spiritual calling. Crystals calm the mind, body and soul so whenever in doubt, hold on to yours and we can guarantee that you will feel better and more balanced.
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