How Much Do You Know About Buddhism?

Buddhism is one of the oldest and most populous religions in the world, affecting countless lives every day and teaching its tenets to hundreds of generations. How much do you know about this philosophical religion?
True or False: Buddhism is the second largest religion in the world
What was the real name of the Buddha?
Siddhartha Gautama
Tripitaka Siddman
Mahayana Dhalium
Theravada Cohen
Where was Buddha born?
Buddhism has 5 precepts or morals Buddhists must live by. One of them is mentioned below. Can you tell us which one?
Do not take anything not freely given
Respect your parents
Respect your elders
Above all uphold your word
When did Buddhism Begin as a religion?
Around the same time Jesus Christ was born
900 AD
500 BC
1500 BC
What was the Buddha before he became who he was?
A Rich Prince
A Teacher of Children
A Merchant
A Painter
What does the lotus flower represent in Buddhism?
Injury and death
The Mind
What is the Wheel of Life? (Dharmacakra)
The cycle of thought, suffering and death
The cycle of life, death and rebirth
The cycle of work, reward and death
The cycle of birth, childhood and adulthood
In Buddhism, there are 4 noble truths. Out of the 4 choices below, identify one of the noble truths of Buddhism.
Desire leads to suffering
Suffering leads to englightment
Ultimate enlightenment leads to rebirth
Everything in the world is perfect
According to legend, the Buddha stayed beneath what to meditate?
A Tree
A Bird's Nest
A Broken Castle
Misleading. He sat on top of a mountain
How long did the Buddha sit there and meditate?
Seven Weeks
Seventeen Years
Seven Years
49 Hours
Which of these is a tenet of Buddhism?
You are born without any sin or guilt
You are born with the karma of your past lives
You are born with a debt you must pay throughout your life
You are born with the sins of your ancestors
You Still Have Much to Learn About Buddhism
There is much to learn about Buddhism. It is both a religion and a philosophy, with many tenets, morals and pearls of wisdom to learn about. One does not need to be a Buddhist to appreciate some of their philosophies about life. Why not try again?
You Did Well!
You are NOT ignorant when it comes to religions and this one is no exception. You definitely know quite a bit about this fascinating religion and philosophy. That said, you didn't know ALL the answers to our questions, so why not click on Show Answers to learn where you went wrong and learn a few new things?
You Are Enlightened!
You may BE a Buddhist or have been one in a previous life... You know a LOT about Buddhism, which is great since it's a fascinating philosophy and religion. You must be a person of high intellectual curiosity, with a lot of knowledge about many things! Congratulations on acing our quiz!
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