What Material Are You Made Of?

Materials have different qualities. Some materials are cold and lifeless, while others warm and alive. Some are unchanging, while others adapt to pressure. What kind of materials are YOU made of? Take this personality test to find out!
Choose a landscape...
When you think about your earlier life, how much do you reckon you've changed?
Very little, I'm pretty much the same person.
I'm a completely different person.
My experiences have changed and molded me, so I am quite different.
I've become more mature, wiser and tougher over the years.
Choose a color...
What time period do you think about most?
The past
The future
The present
Choose the idiom most relevant to you.
Hang in there
Easy does it
Actions speak louder than words
Familiarity breeds contempt
One of your best qualities is...
Having Patience.
Adapting to new situations.
Being Persistent.
Being ahead of the curve.
Choose a creature...
When you go on vacations, you usually go somewhere...
Hot with beaches.
Somewhere green with lush nature.
Somewhere urban that provides every comfort and entertainment.
Somewhere with ancient ruins and a lot of history.
What kind of movies and shows do you enjoy most?
Historical stories and documentaries
Thrillers and horror movies
Action and Science Fiction
Drama and romance
Choose an animal you feel connected to...
What is one of your WORST qualities?
Being stubborn.
Being rash.
Letting others influence me.
Being too passive.
Your material is Metal
As a 'metal' person, you are strong. Not just strong inside, but strong outside as well. You are sharp, smart and can be vicious when backed into a corner. You're also adaptable. You have had many experiences in life, and although the core of bears a resemblance to the person you started as, the life events you went through and the people that filled your life impacted you strongly, molding you into the person you are today. You are stronger than before, and if there are some nicks, scratches and even rust, you can always transform yourself again.
Your material is Wood
As a wood person, you have a strong affinity for life and nature. You love animals and hate the unchanging face of human structures as they destroy nature and the life it contains to replace it with lifeless stone, metal and glass. Like wood, you started out very different to what you are today. Like wood, your immediate environment molded you and changed you to the shape you are today. You have faced many challenges, but you are persistent and goal-oriented, and you have flourished despite everything that was thrown against you. You're a fighter, and that lust and love for life you had never really went away.
Your material is Stone
Your material is stone. Like stone, you are almost impossible to move or to change. You are, in your core, the same person you've always been, and all the years, experiences and events have only made some scratches and nicks in your otherwise hardened skin. You don't like change, and you enjoy traditions and other things that tie you to your past and the past of your ancestors. You rarely let outside events rock your tranquility, and people see you as a very relaxed person. However, once you make a decision on something, you may as well move the mountains than move you from your position.
Your material is Water
You material is water. Of all the materials, you are the most adaptable. You have changed so much in your life that it is hard to remember how exactly you were before, only that you were different. Many things have happened to you during your lifetime, but as much as they have changed you and your course in life, you've never let them stop you from continuing on your OWN way, making up your own path in the world and ultimately always doing things your own way, no matter where it leads. You can be rash at times, but your positive ways and unending energy often make a rash act into a successful one.
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