A Tough English Challenge

Welcome to a tricky English quiz, one that will have you doubting your own knowledge of this great language. What? You're still determined to ace this quiz? Ok then, let's see if you have the requisite mastery of the secrets of English. Be sure to check out our answer section to see additional explanations.
What are the most common consonants in English?
R, followed by T
T, followed by R
S, followed by M
M, followed by R
What does the word "Triskaidekaphobia" mean?
Fear of the number 13
Fear of skiing
Fear of parachuting
Fear of ducks
Which letter starts more words in English than any other?
Which of these is an example of a "Pangram"?
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
"Was it a rat I saw?"
"I have a big test tomorrow; I can't go to the movies tonight."
Which of these words is an example of a word "blend"?
What is the dot over the letters i and j called?
Superscript dot
Gentle dot
Scribe dot
Smudge dot
Which of these is an example of a "serial comma", also known as an "Oxford comma"?
"I only eat bread, chocolate, and sweets."
"The rain finally ended, so she was free to go outside."
"If war comes before tomorrow, you should wake me up."
"Come with me, and I will show you the best shops in town."
Which of these is an example of a "crutch word"?
True or False: The word "I" is relatively new, only been invented 600 years ago
Complete below the longest English word without a true vowel
Can you tell us which is the real word?
What is a "ghost word"?
A word that has no meaning; a printing error
A word that has fallen out of use for over 1000 years
A word that is in the language but was never written down
A word of a dead language like Latin that still shapes living languages
Not Your Day
We're not saying English is not your strong suit, but it could be you weren't that focused today. We recommend a good sleep and some sugar in your system before trying again, but try you should!
You've shown that no matter the English challenge, whether it be a vocabulary challenge or a grammar challenge, you did quite well for yourself. That does not mean there is no room for improvement. Click on 'show mistakes' to learn about your own mistakes and the real answers.
You laugh at our questions
You blew this poor English test out of the water! Did it ever have a chance? We'll never know. What's important is that you easily beat it. Congratulations and we hope you continue to develop this terrific English language knolwedge of yours.
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