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We all sometimes ask ourselves, what is my purpose in this world? What is my mission and what are the special skills that I have? Many of us seek the answers to these questions so that we can make a difference in our daily lives and also enjoy the feeling that we play a large and important role in the world. The next test can tell you and lead you to the way you feel, or expose you to your special hidden abilities. Answer the following questions and find out what the purpose of your life is...
A road with trees on the sides
When you were a child, what did you think would be your destiny?
To be a veterinarian
To bring world peace
To be a teacher
To be a doctor
To be an archaeologist or a writer
A man standing in front of a lake
What skill or ability have you been complimented on throughout life?
Protecting the environment
That I’m a good friend
My charismatic personality
My listening skills and ability to be empathetic
My drive to teach others
A balloon in the sky
Which of the following would you choose to do after completing this test?
Volunteering at a humane society
Reading an inspiring book
Meditating with myself or with others
Surfing the web and looking for interesting things
Visiting relatives or friends that I haven’t seen in a while
An elderly man sitting on the edge of a lake with a book
Which word do you think best describes you?
Sunrise through the trees
If you could choose, which of the following would you like to engage in?
Hi-tech or teaching
Medicine or coaching
Politics or law
Psychology or social work
Agriculture or nature conservation
A woman standing on a rock in the sea at dusk
Which of the following people serve as a role model to you?
Steve Irwin
Angelina Jolie
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr.
Christopher Columbus
A mountain
If you won the lottery and decided to donate some of your winnings, what would you choose to donate to?
The Humane Society
Volunteer emergency service organizations
Space research
A human rights organization
Informal education
A woman standing on a cliff and waving her hands in the air during sunset
From the following options, what is the guiding line in your life?
To protect the world
To bring about social change
To make people happy
To find answers to unresolved questions
To be next to the people who need me
Photo of nature from a tent area
Which of the following do you consider a good day?
A day spent walking in nature
A day spent volunteering and donating my time
A day spent helping a friend in trouble
A day spent promoting a goal of social importance
A day spent learning something new
A woman sitting on a huge rock waving her hands
In which of the following situations do you feel you are fulfilling yourself?
When I create something and share it with others
When I am part of a change
When I make someone else smile
When I prevent unnecessary waste
When I solve others’ problems
Your ultimate goal is to help the environment and encourage others to follow in your footsteps
A hand holding the earth with a bandage on it next to two doves holding another bandage
You are an avid nature lover, and from a young age, you loved being outdoors and learning about animals and the environment, often with a greater connection to nature and animals than to people. That doesn’t mean you're A-social because you do enjoy the company of others, especially those who share your worldview and passion for life. Understand that a yearning for a beautiful and clean world compared to going out on the ground and actually implementing it are two different things, and it’s a shame that your talent doesn’t play a role in this important endeavor. We rely on Earth to survive, and your unique gift is preserving nature, in its ability to secure a better future for the world and for humans.
Your ultimate goal is to help others realize themselves
Three people holding hands
You have a very generous and broad heart and you find happiness when you empathize with others and that is why you inspire them to make positive changes. You like to be involved in other people's lives and you take advantage of this to influence them for the better in every possible way. You can listen to those who suffer and offer them a supportive and warm shoulder alongside the ability to give advice and offer your wisdom and knowledge. Remember, in a society where there is a lack of compassion and great judgment towards the other, your talent to understand others and make them feel better is undoubtedly a welcome gift.
Your ultimate goal is to bring about social change by taking action
A drawing of a family demonstrating for peace with signs
You believe in the principle of equality and justice for all humankind and you are horrified and saddened when you see injustice and prejudices in your society. You have the ability to anticipate social problems before they happen and you choose to raise awareness about them in your community. You are unique to yourself and without people like you, who care about the rights of others beyond their own, perhaps the right to education and freedom of expression wouldn’t exist ... Continue to take advantage of the gifts that life has given you to serve this lofty goal and make a significant change in all matters that lie close to your heart.
Your ultimate goal is to help the needy and the disabled
A man helping children from a third world country
The suffering of other people affects you deeply and therefore your supreme goal in life is to help those who suffer mentally and/or physically. You can personally understand their pain, even if you’ve never experienced it yourself. You believe in professional or naturopathic medicine and in your opinion, it not only solves medical problems, rather something much bigger than that, at the level of the soul. You believe that healing is a holistic process and you are looking to help those who can’t help themselves, whether by volunteering in the community or even traveling to another country. Understand, there are many ways to use and share this amazing ability of yours, but the very fact that you choose to act on it is truly your greatest gift.
Your ultimate goal is exploring to acquire knowledge and sharing it with others
A pair of hands typing on a laptop with a camera
You are a lover of knowledge – you’re more in-tune with yourself when seeking to better understand the world around you and sharing your new knowledge with others. Your passion for exploring other cultures and searching for an understanding of how other people live their daily lives make you feel fulfilled. You are very drawn to historical and practical stories about past cultures alongside local folklore legends. You are a true explorer, but your greatest gift is sharing the knowledge you have with others – and in doing so, fulfilling yourself. Continue to explore and break boundaries, this is your great gift and you can be filled with pride because of your impressive abilities to share and share with others the knowledge you’ve acquired along the way.
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