Which of These 5 Traits Do You Have?

What is best about you? In this psychological test, we will ask you direct questions and require honest answers to deduce which, of the 5 traits we are exploring, do you have in abundance. To discover what these are and which one you have - answer these questions...
What are you most likely to become famous for?
Making a change in the world
Being funny
Being a model
Probably doing something stupid
Becoming a great musician
What is special about the place you grew up?
Everyone knew everyone
There was so many people you never had to worry about standing out in a bad way
How beautiful it was
How boring it was
It was perfect
What's the best way to start the day?
With no alarm
Working out
Eating a nice breakfast
Watching TV
Being with friends
What takes up too much of your time?
Your phone
What would you rate 10/10?
Chocolate cake
Your looks ;)
Your significant other
The feeling after helping someone
Nothing is a perfect 10/10.
What would you tell your younger self?
Don't let peer pressure cloud your judgement
Don't take things too seriously
Lying does more harm than good
You rock!
Stick with what you know
Where would you rather be right now?
No where. I like where I am.
Lying on a beach chair by the ocean
Hanging with your favorite celebrity
Living in a mansion
Changing the world
What do you hope never changes?
The love that you and a significant other have for each other
Your relation with your family
Your right to freedom
Your faith
Which hobby gains your interest?
What is something you like?
Standing out in crowds
Making people laugh
Being asked for advice
Having good morals
Being credible
Which of these would scare you the most?
Being forced to lie to a loved one
Being forced to betray someone you care about
People thinking you're boring
Being timid about everything
Doing good only for yourself and not for those around you
Which is your biggest pet peeve?
Bullies who have nothing better to do
Unreliable people who don't follow through
People who are easily offended
Willful ignorance
What is something you hate?
Those fearful of everything
What would be a perfect way to spend a Friday night?
Game night close friends
Watching movies with family
Relaxing time to yourself
Out partying
What is something you'd buy as a gift for one of your friends birthday?
Self-made photo collage
Funny t-shirt
Cute bracelet
Some alcohol
Gift card
You clearly know right from wrong and people deeply respect that about you. Your strong morals are like a pillar of strength for those around you. They may sometimes resent it, but eventually they comfort themselves knowing they can really trust you and your strong sense of morality.
You are genuine and hate to deceive others. Telling the truth is something you feel strongly about and it's a big reason why people trust you so much. Honesty is rare in our world these days, and a person with strong morals who always tells the truth is a rare gem indeed. Stay on the path of the straight and narrow!
Sense of Humor
You never take things too seriously. You can always find a way to make things fun and light-hearted. People love that about you.It's so important these days, with all the sadness and worry around, that we have people like you who can make our lives easier, our hearts lighter and our joy more forthcoming.
People love how devoted you are. They know they can count on you because you'd never turn your back on your loved ones. Loyalty is the same as trust, when you know someone like you, who is loyal to a fault, trust is easy to maintain. Keep being loyal to those who deserve it and you will get it right back.
You're a strong believer in not only yourself, but in those around you. Your faith in people is something that draws others towards you. Your confidence not only draws others but keeps bad influences away. Your confidence helps you navigate the world without fear. You know your worth and you're not going to accept less than what you deserve.
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