Pick Shapes and Learn About Yourself

You may not know this, but MOST of the brain is dedicated to seeing. Anything we see, the brain puts through a process of recognizing shapes and connecting them to things you know or recognize, even when you don't know you're doing it! This is why tests like these can sometimes shed light on things normal tests won't because we are not trying to speak to you, but to speak to your subconscious mind! So take our shape test, and let's see if we can figure you out...
Pick a shape.
What image of shapes would your friends pick to represent you?
Pick an image.
Which structure do you like most?
Pick the pattern you most like.
Something abstract
Polka Dots
Which piece of art are you drawn to most?
Which sculpture are you most drawn to?
You are most drawn to a female or male partner with a face shaped like a (an)?
And finally, which shape do you like most?
The squiggle
The triangle
The circle
The rectangle
The square
The Achiever
You are most often drawn to shapes with squares in them, which makes you the Achiever. You are motivated in life by success and harmony and have the ability to solve problems that come your way. You are good at coming up with ideas, and using the creative side of your brain, you just sometimes neglect that part of your personality. Achievers that do feed their creativity are sometimes the most successful artists, because they are able to navigate the world of business and logic and don't get too lost in emotions that take other artists under. As an Achiever you are detail oriented, and like for things to be organized and in balance. You are intelligent, perceptive, social, and yet savor time to yourself or with friends at home. How'd we do? Leave comments and likes below!
The Creative
You are mostly drawn to circles, and this makes you the Creative. In life you seek peace and harmony and have a sensitive and caring heart. You will do almost anything for the ones you love. You are inspired and enlivened by the arts and feel most connected and alive when you delve into music, painting, books, or the like. You have a creative streak of your own. You may or may not be tapping into that, but you Creatives that do are very successful because of your unique points of views, and open minded stance on the world. You are congenial and make friends easily, but can become overly emotional and self-sabotaging. When you do, you cope best when you are around only the closest of friends, or in solitude alone. Positive, nurturing, and drawn to freedom of expression, you are full of spirit and heart. How'd we do? Like and share this quiz!
The Explorer
You are most often drawn to shapes that include rectangles, and this makes you the Explorer. You seek adventure and new experiences, and yet sometimes lack the funds or guts to make it happen. You are inquisitive by nature, and courageous too. You are naturally supportive of your loved ones and have tremendous strength and foresight. For those of you that take the risk, and go forth and travel, you love to get to know other cultures and people on your journeys. Explorers have a passion for knowledge, and like to converse with people from all walks of life. You seek harmony and balance in your endeavors, and thrive most when you are able to juggle risk and reward to your benefit. Curious, dependable, determined, and spirited, that is you. How'd we do? Leave comments below!
The Leader
You are the Leader, and are mostly drawn to shapes that include triangles. You have a strength and an ambition that you may or may not be tapping into, but when you do it's explosive. You are a dreamer, and just as much a doer; when you are at your best you succeed powerfully. It takes a lot to send you over the edge, but when the stresses get to be too much, you retreat and try to find solutions alone or with trusted peers. Leaders are confident, highly intelligent, ambitious, playful, and sociable as well. Beware of your competitive streak, and your tendency to get tunnel vision on goals. Remember to look at the big picture and take it all in stride. How'd we do? Leave comments below, and share!
The Artist
You are mostly drawn to organic shapes that have softer, less geometric lines, and therefore you are the Artist. You may or may not be in touch with your creative side, but you are a free spirit, and like to daydream and think of a world in which things go your way. Sometimes you get lost in that fantasy and have a hard time facing reality. You are less interested in convention and formality, and are drawn to pursuits that involve thinking on your own accord, and acting independently. You are inventive and are drawn to topics that are thought provoking and unique. You are well spoken and witty, but you can have difficulty when it comes to communicating with lovers, or when you indulge too much in your emotions. If you already express yourself artistically, then you are thriving, and if you are not, then it's time you do: Artists often find clarity of vision when creating, and when sharing their ideas and artistic spirit within a community of other creators. How'd we do? Like and comment below!
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