Which is BIGGEST?

The world is full of all things great and small, but do you know which of all these wonderful things are the largest of their kind? This is one trivia quiz which will push your knowledge to its upper limit. Good luck, we hope you're better at it than we were!
Which is the largest sea on Earth?
The Philippine Sea
The Mediterranean Sea
The Arabian Sea
Which human organ is the largest?
The lungs
The skin
The liver
What is the name of the largest planet in the Solar System?
Which mammal is the largest in the world?
A white bear
An African elephant
A blue whale
Which island is the largest on Earth?
What is the tallest kind of tree in the world?
The sequoia
The kauri
The baobab
Which lake is the largest in the world?
The Caspian Sea
Lake Superior
Lake Baikal
What is the name of the largest land-based predator in the world?
The Polar bear
The Asian tiger
The Grizzly bear
Who is the largest bird in the world?
The sea eagle
The ostrich
The condor
What is the name of the largest active volcano in the world?
Mauna Loa
Mount Etna
Which country has the largest banknotes?
Which fish is the largest in the world?
The Whale shark
The Orca
The Beluga
Which library is the largest in the world?
The US Library of Congress
The Russian State Library
The British Library
Which African country is the largest by area?
What is the largest unit for measuring time in the Guinness Book of Records?
The kalpa
The mega-year
The gigayear
Where is the largest sports stadium in the world?
North Korea
How about another go?
Unfortunately you did not seem to know which things are the biggest. It's a hard thing to know, and you're not a record book, so cut yourself some slack. If you'd like to try again before looking at the answers, you're welcome to.
Nicely Done!
You seem to have a pretty good idea about how big things are. You didn't know them all, but you gave it a really good effort and you obviously have quite a bit of general knowledge to spare. Good job!
How excellently you have played the game today! Good for you, you've really shown us you know a lot about many things and your general knowledge is obviously very good. Congrats, you aced this one!
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