How Dark ARE You?

We all have dark impulses and dark thoughts. Some of us never give them voice and action, while others let them out to play... Do you think you are a dark person? Take our quiz, be honest about your answers - and we will tell you how dark you REALLY are.
In your opinion, when is it OK to tell white lies?
When it does the person more good than harm
When it's beneficial to me. I don't have a problem with white lies.
Never. Keep telling the truth, it won't fail you.
Usually it's a bad thing, but sometimes people need white lies to carry on
If you could become invisible whenever you wish, what would you do?
I'd fight crime or witness it unseen and report to the police. It would become my new life's work.
I'd steal money from banks and shops and get filthy rich
I'd spy on all my exes and blackmail people to give me whatever I want
I'm not sure, maybe entertain people.
What do you think of horror movies?
Love them. The more gory and violent the better.
Love them, it makes me feel so good when the protagonist defeats such monsters.
Hate them. They're too violent and scary.
I'm ok with them, depending on my mood.
How much do you agree with this notion: Whatever it takes, you NEED to get the important people on your side
So true, nothing gets done in this life without the proper pressure from the RIGHT people
Always. They are the only people that matter.
I don't agree at all! All people should be on your side, except for bad people.
I disagree, but I will admit it helps.
Select a book to read.
Fahrenheit 451
War and Peace
The Alchemist
Which of these things do you crave the most?
When you see a missing person poster, what is your first thought?
I hope they find them!
Poor family, I wish there was something I can do to help
Will they ever find them?
They're probably already dead
In your opinion, is the world a cruel place?
Yes, it has always been and always will be. Anyone who thinks differently is naive.
No, there are cruel people in it but in general it's neither cruel nor kind.
No, the world is a good place, and we must keep it that way.
Most of the time - yes. It is not kind and holds back no punches.
What kind of humor do you enjoy?
Dark Humor - that makes fun of light situations by making them terrible.
Verbal humor - puns, one liners and witty jokes.
Physical Humor - People falling, punching, jumping and getting into hilarious antics.
Surreal humor - Imagining weird and fantastical things and connecting them to the mundane.
How much do you agree with this statement: Manipulation is a natural thing all people do.
Very much agree.
I find I'm in mild agreement.
Disagree most strongly.
I find I'm in mild disagreement.
Is it wise to keep track of information that you may use against people later?
Wise? It's basic stuff!
It's not wise, it's wicked and shouldn't be done.
I think that's wise.
It may be wise, but it's something I cannot see myself doing.
Your best friend has recently become rich and successful, while you are still struggling. What do you do?
I start, very gently, to try and take them down to my level with subtle manipulation.
I congratulate them but I start wishing they will fail.
I am super happy for them and proud of myself for having such a well accomplished best friend
I am happy for them, even though it makes me feel bad about my own accomplishments.
A Prince/ss of Darkness
You are a royal of the court of darkness. You delight in horror, in hearing terrible news about other people. You have no shame about wanting others to fail, and you will do what is needed to further your own goals, no matter who gets hurt in the process. You smile at tragedy, delight in ominous reports and wish only for terrible things on your enemies. You may have people you love and respect. After all, you are still a human beings and love is part of the equation. But you would throw it all away for some real, actual POWER. You wish you could control others, manipulate and direct as you like. You hold on to dark information and secrets, even years, waiting for the best time to use it. You may seem kind, but that's to further your goals. You may seem honest, but you will lie at the drop of a hat. You revel in your dark impulses, and nothing will sway you from their temptation.
Yin and Yang
You are a living example of that ancient Chinese symbol, the Yin/Yang principle. You are a mix of dark and light, a chaotic storm of impulses and emotions. It is hard to predict what you might do because you are drawn to both the darkness and the light. This is not an uncommon situation. After all, darkness and light are both present in most people, and it can be hard to tell them apart. Sometimes you feel and understand the delight of dark, rebellious deeds against a society you may despise. At other times, you want to help others, heal their wounds, and solve their problems. You move between these two places, visiting both but living in neither. Most people live on this balance, forever alternating until one side draws a bit more than the other - and the balance is broken. We would counsel you to keep yours and watch your own actions. When it seems like you are tipping too far, stop and adjust. Keep the balance right, and your life will probably be full of joy. Unbalance yourself, and you might get into extremes that are just not right for you.
A Knight for Goodness
You are a positive force in the world. A true champion for light and goodness. This isn't out of some naivety, you are wise to the darkness in the world. It's just that you CHOOSE to be good, because that's how you'd like to be treated and how you believe the world should be. You detest lying. You find success only alluring when it is done for humanitarian (or animal) goals. Money and power not only do not impress you, but often revolt you. People shouldn't have so much power over other people. Communication should be direct, equal and respectful. Your heart aches for all the people being mistreated and abused out there in the world, and you would help them all if you could. You find ways to help those around you as best you can and perhaps do some volunteer work to feel like you're helping in some way.
A Little Dark
You might consider yourself a bit of a dark person. There is SOME darkness in you, dark impulses that call to you sometimes. A desire to lie for the hell of it, or sabotage someone you dislike. Most of the time you don't heed these impulses, because you KNOW they are wrong. However, you cannot deny the little rush of pleasure you get at these dark thoughts. Sometimes it's just enough to have them to feel that pleasure. Sometimes, it takes a little mischief. That doesn't mean you're a bad person by any stretch of the imagination. We all have dark impulses, and we all have a bit of darkness in us. In you, it is perhaps a bit above average, a probable result of life experience that was not kind to you, or gave you hard feelings about other people. This may be a temporary period and may pass. Alternatively, it may grow into deeper darkness, and so we would say to you: beware.
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