Which Element Reflects Your Family's Love?

Every family is different and odd in its own way, and it is hard to describe the "perfect family". Customs that exist in one family may seem strange to another family, but most of the time it involves the ways in which the love between each member of the family is expressed. Does your family express love like fire, earth, wind or water? You can find that out by taking this quiz….
Illustration of a family with a heart in different colors
Choose a color that reflects the dynamics of your family:
Light blue
White with some blue, green, and pink
Flowers of various kinds
Is your family diverse?
Yes, each of us is unique
In general, yes, but in the end, we are all made of the same stuff
If you mean that each of us has different opinions, then the answer is yes
Yes, that’s what makes it difficult for us to connect
A woman and her mother side by side
Do you live near your siblings and parents?
Yes, I stayed close to home
No, but we meet regularly
Fortunately, no
Unfortunately, no
Three women laughing together
Do you talk to your family the way you talk to your friends?
A woman next to her mother smiling at the camera
How close is your relationship with your parents?
Very close
Close enough
Not close enough
Hands holding each other forming a circle
Choose one word that describes your family:
Family with sailor costumes
How does the idea of a family vacation, with your parents and siblings, sound to you?
Illustration of a man and a woman playing tug-a-war
Do you usually argue with your family?
Illustration of a bookshelf with a family photo
Could you consider living with your parents in the same house if necessary?
It will require some changes, but yes
Definitely not!
Certainly, my house is their home!
I don’t think they’d like to live with me in the same house
Family meal
How are family dinners at your house?
Everyone enjoys them and laughs together
Everyone yells and argues, as usual
They all have personal conversations with each other
We hardly have dinner together
Picture of an extended family
What kind of humor does your family have?
Everyone laughs at the same things
Everyone laughs at each other
Everyone laughs at others outside the family
Everyone has his or her own sense of humor
Illustrated figures sit side by side on armchairs
How would your family react if you told them they were acting abusive or inappropriate?
Take it to their attention and try to avoid it in the future
They’d argue and disagree with my point of view
My family does not behave in an abusive or inappropriate manner
We tend not to bring things like that up
The foundation of your family is earth
A tree growing out of a broken glass ball
Your family has deep roots that penetrate the earth and maintain a close bond between all its members. It is reasonable to assume that every member of your family, including you, is a person who likes to nurture and strengthen others, something which helps your family get through difficult times together without giving up. Many of your family members choose to stay close to home, close to parents and siblings, and even if a conflict develops between one of you, it is resolved quickly and no one allows it to be dragged on for too long. No one takes the other for granted, and it helps you and your family appreciate each other in the way that you all deserve.
The foundation of your family is fire
Your family is full of stubborn people, but they love each other very much, and there is a great desire within it that is represented by fire. Thanks to this love in your family, you all grew up to be courageous and independent people who like to have lively discussions, which sometimes turn into heated arguments. It can cause stress in the family, but it is the same fire that turns your family into the warm and familiar place you want and like to be. In addition to all, respect and loyalty are very important in your family, which helps in overcoming arguments.
The foundation of your family is water
A drop falling into water
Your family is flowing and open-minded, and this trait is fittingly represented by the element of water. Every member of your family always thinks one step ahead, and everyone has a creative character that is expressed in a different way. Every family member is unique, but there is still one thing that unites all of you, and that is the fact that you accept others as they are, without trying to change. You like to spend time together, but don’t get upset when it doesn’t happen - like the many waters in the world, you are scattered in many places, not only in terms of location, but you are all connected somehow.
The foundation of your family is wind
A dandelion in the wind
Your family is surprising and unpredictable and is well represented by wind. Your relationship is dynamic and each family member has his/her dreams and aspirations, which sometimes conflict with the beliefs and values of the other members of the family. You may not all know everything about everyone, but it works for you, because your privacy, personal space, and dignity are important to all of you. Sometimes you feel that family members lose contact with each other and spread out in all directions with their own goals, however your love for each other runs deep, and you can always pick up the phone and start talking as if there were no distance.
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