How FREE is Your SPIRIT?

We all have an inner spirit that yearns to be free. No one is born with their heart's desires in chains. But it happens anyway, as we grow and learn to control our desires. Some of us do it more than others, so the question must be asked - How free is YOUR spirit?
How does this image make you feel?
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: בגדים צבעוניים
How many colors are you wearing right now?
Less than 3
More than 6
If there is such a thing as reincarnation, what animal would you want to be?
What do you think is better, being an owner or a freelancer?
Owner, they have something substantial
Depends on the job
Freelancer, they don't need to worry about others
Where do you think is best to live?
At the heart of the city, where there's entertainment and retail
In a little suburb where everyone knows everyone
In a house with a huge yard in some out-of-the-way village
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: ברז פועל
Which of these words best describes the image?
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: זריחה
What do you hold the most in the morning?
Mouse or smartphone, looking at news
A cup of coffee
It changes from day to day
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: דף, עט ומחשבון
Do you know how much money you have in your checking account?
Yes, I know exactly
Yes, plus minus a few hundred
I have a general sense
I have no idea
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: מתנה
What's the best gift for the holidays?
Gift cards
Home appliances or tools
Electronics or cosmetics
Which musical instrument do you find most attractive?
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: שעון
Is there a set routine to your day?
No, it changes from day to day
Mostly, but not for all days of the week
I'm retired / unemployed at the moment
מבחן אישיות - נפש חופשייה: אייקון וואטסאפ
How many people do you chat to on whatsapp on a regular basis?
More than 10
Less than 5
Between 6-10
According to your answers, there are quite a few things that weigh on your psyche, prevent you from doing the things that appeal to you, and perhaps jail your heart's desire. It is possible that this condition is due to the difficult period we went through and that some of us still suffer from the effects of the coronavirus quarantine and other factors in life that may prevent you from feeling free and peaceful. Either way, we strongly encourage you to see which areas of your life can be simplified or got rid of completely, thus making more room for things that will allow your psyche to go free.
Slightly Bound
By this test, your psyche is not entirely free, and sometimes you have a lot of things on your shoulders due to unfulfilled desires and desires. But the good news is that there is nothing that completely restricts and restricts you; you need to compromise quite a bit in different parts of your life. This isn't really a bad situation. In fact, the vast majority will say that it is simply an inevitable product of a life with responsibilities such as raising children, working in a managerial position, maintaining a proper household, and the like. In light of this, we encourage you to celebrate getting back to normal with a decision to give your soul a little more leeway so you can engage in what truly appeals to it and to muster the courage or motivation to do something you have long dreamed of doing.
Totally Free!
Apparently, for you, every day is Independence Day! According to your answers, you have a free mind and an enviable ability to conduct yourself largely according to your desires and preferences. It is true that, like the rest of us, you, too, sometimes have periods of stress or certain constraints, but they do not depress your psyche or significantly impair your ability to enjoy life to its fullest. We wouldn't be surprised if you worked very hard throughout your life to achieve this state, or you have a winning approach to a life that many would be happy to adopt.
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