What is Your Spiritual Nordic Name?

In this spiritual test, we dig deep inside your psyche and spiritual leanings in order to find your Ancient Nordic Name, a name made of symbolism and ancient runes. Different names were bestowed on children in order to bring certain blessings and attributes to life as they grow up. Take our test, answer from the heart and find your true Nordic name!
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are standing in an ancient village, holding an object. You feel its weight in your hand and the feel of its texture in your fingers. Open your eyes and look at our choices, which is closest to what you imagined?
Choose a RUNE of POWER.
Fé: Wealth
Raidō: Ride
Wynn: Joy
Kalc: Chalice
Gar: Spear
Ior: Serpent
Cen: Torch
Stan: Stone
Imagine you are coloring this entire drawing, sky, trees, brook, cabin, land and bridge. Now look at it, what color strikes you first?
Which of these dreams do you have (or remember) most?
Horror dreams in which I am the victim
Horror dreams but I fight the evil / monsters / bad people
Dreams of anxiety about my usual daily worries
Dreams of people and things I have unresolved issues with
Dreams of wild adventure that excite me
Dreams of flying or having other super powers
Dreams that are complete chaos and make no sense at all
Which of these animals gives you a feeling of fascination?
You find out that the partner you have loved for years has been cheating on you. What do you do?
Make them suffer as much as possible for what they've done - forever
Never see them or speak to them again
Try to understand why this happened and how we can restore our love
I have no idea and may not control what I do at that moment
I would rage and punish them but may be persuaded to work on the relationship
Separate from them and make sure everyone knows what kind of person they are
Choose a power that only you will have.
The power to summon lightning
The power to breathe underwater
The power to talk to wolves, bears and other predators
The power to talk to horses, sheep, cows and other domesticated animals
The power to talk to my ancestors
The power to see glimpses of the future
You are a known warrior but aged. Your leadership is threatened when a young warrior who wants a reputation challenges you. It is up to you to take up the fight or not.
I will not fight because I do not want my village to fall in the hands of a worse ruler
I will not fight, because I have nothing to prove in my later years, even if people scorn me
I will fight and destroy this young upstart with cunning and experience
I will fight until the bitter end, to preserve my pride and the pride of my family
I will accept, but arrange for an 'accident' to befall him before the fight
You are the artisan of your village. Which material do you work with?
Which time of day do you feel most yourself?
Late Night
Dawn or morning
Dusk or evening
High noon
Do you think there is more to our world than meets the eye?
No. Science explains it all.
Yes. It may be discovered by science one day, but not yet.
Yes, there are things we will never understand and are beyond us
Yes, there is something only few people understand or know about
Yes, but it is detailed in religion
EINDRIDE: One Who Rides Alone.
Thine ancient Nordic name is EINDRIDE, which means 'One Who Rides Alone'. This comes from the even more ancient name of Eindriði and from the elements of One, Alone and Ride. This name is bestowed on those who have the courage to go their own way. Your name means you are unique, special, maybe even a bit weird. You make your own decisions and you bow to no one. You recognize no power over you and you often find yourself being the single dissident. Yours is sometimes a lonely path, but it is a path unlike any other, and you make it your own. You probably think a little different and live a little different from most people. Your Nordic power animal is a horse.
BJARTE: Bright Man
Thine ancient Nordic name is BJARTE, which means 'Bright Man'. Of course this is not pertaining to a MALE, but just a word to describe a person, a human. This comes from the even more ancient name of Bjartr, which means 'bright'. This name is bestowed on those who have the wisdom and patience of owls. You are cautious, a thinker and a planner. People with your name are artisans, builders, leaders and organizers. You are highly intelligent, with your own pattern of thinking that often ends up helping yourself or others. Yours is a wisdom that comes not only from experience but from the gods themselves. Often you are struck by inspiration or a piece of wisdom you aren't sure where you got. Your Nordic power animal is, of course, the owl.
CALDER: Rough and Cold Water
Thine ancient Nordic name is CALDER, which means 'Rough and Cold Water'. This name was used in both the ancient north and in Gaelic. This name is bestowed on those who are rarely afraid, and are much more likely to put the fear into others. People with this name bestowed on them are rarely anything but leaders and warriors. Tough as iron nails, they will break before they bend. Your kind of people are slow to forgive and quick to wreck revenge. They are fierce protectors of what is theirs, which includes their family and loved ones. When the chips are down, these are the people you want besides you most, because they will get the job done no matter what. These days, we are talking less about war and more about a "can do and will do" attitude. Your Nordic power animal is the Eel.
BALDER: Brave Prince
Thine ancient Nordic name is BALDER, which means 'Brave Prince'. Balder, or Baldr or Baldur, was the name of a Norse god; a son of Odin, chief of the gods. This name is bestowed on those who show courage and heroism even when they do not need to. The people with this name are noble, with high ideals. This doesn't always mean everything you do is good and noble, but that in your hearts of heart, you are such a person. Like royalty, your rage is something to behold, and you are slow to forgive transgressions against you. Beware, because courage can become anger and hate quite easily. A person with this name has power of personality to spare and a commanding presence, if they allow it to shine. Your Nordic power animal is the Eagle.
BIRGER: One Who Helps
Thine ancient Nordic name is BIRGER, which means 'One Who Helps'. Birger, or Birgir, comes from the even more ancient name of Bjarga, which means help, save or rescue. This name is bestowed on those who are, in their essence, helpers to others. You are the one people come to confess to, because they know they can expect help. You are the ones they ask favors of and retain loyalty to because you have helped them so much in the past. Yours is the role of a community organizer, a leader, a healer or an artisan, as long as what you are doing serves the greater good, you are pleased. Sometimes the greater good is the family or a friend in need. We live very different lives these days from the time of the Vikings, but a helping friend is a good friend in any century. Your Nordic power animal is the Ox.
Ráðúlfr: As Wise as a Wolf
Thine ancient Nordic name is Ráðúlfr, which means 'Wise Like a Wolf'. Ráðúlfr, or Ralf, or Ralph, comes from the even more ancient names of ráð, meaning "counsel" and úlfr, meaning "wolf". This name is bestowed on those who are, if not wise in the human way, as cunning as a wolf. The ancient Vikings both adored the strength of the wolf and feared it. In their day of judgement, the end of the world, the sun will be swallowed by a giant wolf, and darkness will reign. So the cunning of the wolf is both something to admire and fear. <br><br>People with this name are bold hunters (today perhaps for money or other goals), they are naturally intelligent but also rely on their gut instinct, which usually helps them make the right decision. These are people of strategy, they will not go for their goal directly but plan their course, use others in their 'pack' (Friends, family, people they know) to smartly achieve their goals. They can be incredibly fierce when backed into a corner, and they are even more fiercely loyal to their own. Your Nordic power animal is, of course, the Wolf.
RUNA: Secret Tradition
Thine ancient Nordic name is RUNA, which means 'A Secret; A Hidden Lore'. Runa is a feminine form of Rune, and comes from the Old Norse word 'Runar', which means 'Hidden Lore'. This name is bestowed on those who have a rare connection to the spirit world and to the history of their ancestors. Yours is a name that was usually used by those of shaman status, those who know the ancient lore of the land and tell the old oral stories around the bonfire at night. They are the carriers of the most important knowledge, and are often healers, shamans or counselors to the leaders of the land. They hold the most wisdom, gathered by hundreds of generations of the Norse people. <br><br> When a new baby is named, when a boy becomes a man and receives a warrior's name, when two souls wish to marry - there will be a Runa, a priestess, a shaman, a wise man - to make sure the right rituals are followed, the right stories are told. Your Nordic power animal is the Whale.
THYRA: Strength of Thunder
Thine ancient Nordic name is THYRA, which is another word for Thor, the god of thunder. It means "Strength of Thunder" Thyra, or Tyra, or Þórveig, Þórví or Þýri, is a name bestowed on those who display short bouts of godly power. It was believed to symbolize the power of the gods bestowed on a human, meaning the personality of a god - Strong, proud, quick to anger and slow to forgive. Your name is a warrior's name, a powerful leader, a king or a terrifying shaman. It is a person who, in their rage, can destroy all around them if provoked. On the other hand, they are also protective and noble. They will not abide injustice, they will not abide lying and fakery. They are too proud to play games and tire of fake manners and empty promises. Their word is stone and steel, always to be respected and relied upon. Just don't get them angry. Your Nordic power animal is the Bear.
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